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  1. Shay
    how do you log in to the forge
  2. Shay
  3. Zach Moran
    Zach Moran Blackseed
    @me if you see this
  4. Blackseed
    I will not let Viking fall..we will RISE!!!!
  5. Kosign
    Kosign odingalt
    Does anybody have the Vikings software I cant use my controller
  6. RuthlessDude
    RuthlessDude odingalt
    What happened to viking360? is this company still active?
  7. slickd
    Does anyone here own a fully functional Berserker controller in mint condition they are willing to sell?
  8. ThatGuy105
    ThatGuy105 WHITE 4ND N3RDY
    hey. do you happen to still have the viking360 Macro editing software v0.9.0.0? it was the latest one but it was unofficial. if so can you send me a link to download it? I can't seem to find it anywhere and I lost mine due to a hdd wipe
  9. ThatGuy105
    ThatGuy105 odingalt
    hey odin. do you happen to still have the Macro editing software v0.9.0.0? if so can you send me a link to download it
  10. cheyennefou
    Glitching is not a Crime !
  11. Fredrow
    If you shoot someone below the waist you cannot be found guilty of attempted murder because you did not aim to kill!!!
  12. TheEagerBeaver
    Man #1: I need to axe you a question. Man #2: Wood you cut it out?
  13. Storm
    Semper Fi
  14. A new zealander
    A new zealander Yoel
    Hey man u got a macro controller for sale?
  15. jaryd opie
  16. SuperX70Pro
    RGH and Macro enthusiast... Using others speeds is over-rated... I make my own -Coder - GT: Eggsy xD
  17. SuperX70Pro
    RGH and Macro enthusiast...
  18. Yoel
    Yoel odingalt
    Anybody selling a xbox 1 berserker ??
  19. Benjamin Hendrickson
    Benjamin Hendrickson
    Still having trouble with my RT and LT not working its been a year and still can't fix it I don't know how to work with it anymore.
  20. joec0x
    joec0x modded matt
    Hey I was wondering if you could help me with installing my paddles with my revD remap chip. Basically just positioning/ size of hole to drill/ how to mount the receiver