Call of Duty Ghosts- Rapid Fire Settings (Thor's Hammer)

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Ghosts' started by Grabxurxanklez, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Grabxurxanklez

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    Can anyone please give the Thor's Hammer controller owners the rapid fire settings for Call of Duty Ghost weapons?? We would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    The bad thing about legacy controllers is the sps are different from the ragnaroks. One of u legacy owners is going to have to do the dirt work and test all the speeds out and post the findings. All it takes is one guy to step it up!

    If a controller where to fall into my lap I would install my spare legacy chip but Im not going to buy a controller just to put a legacy chip in it LOL. I have another spare ragnarok chip as well. If I was to come across a controller for a deal or free I would defenantly install my legacy chip and help you guys out. I know it sucks because u guys dont have much support as your numbers are not that big but dont think of yourselves as the black sheep. U guys have just the same as everyone else in here u just lack people willing to share their settings! Ragnarok guys have Thermal M16 who did all the work for the BO2 guys and the macro people have bonefisher who just kills it with the sick macros and even helps the ragnarok guys. U legacy guys just need that go to guy to pull for u! Maybe u can be that guy and grind out the settings.

    Bonefisher just listed all the RPM speeds for all the weapons in the new COD game and all u have to do is divide those figures by 60. Now legacy speeds are different. If I can remember somewhere someone said that in BO2 the Fal works at something like 11.2sps where the ragnarok speed is 8.2. Try taking those figures bones posted divide them up to get the sps out of his RPM postings then add 3.0 sps to the end of them. Test them out and see how they work for u. If anything His postings will give u a good benchmark to start at and work your way up to find optimal speeds for this game.
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  3. Grabxurxanklez

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    I appreciate your advice. No offense intended, I'm just a bit frustrated because I bought this controller thinking there would be some rapid fire settings updates done by the company that I purchased it from, not solely on the community using the controllers. I am willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars on another controller but I cannot myself, or refer to my many other buddies to get another controller from a company that isn't truly keeping up with their client's needs. I appreciate your quick reply and I hope that you guys can change your way of providing customer service to existing clients because I really do like the quality of your controller and the ease of programming it via USB. You guys really have the potential of having a much larger market out there.


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    The game just dropped yesterday. I Dont expect anyone to have anything made up for this game that's worth anything in at least a month. Part of having a USB is being able to re program your own speed. Finding a rapid fire for this game shouldn't take u longer than half an hr to make. Then u can share the speed with everyone else.

    Dont expect to have everything just laid out in front of u especially one day after launch. Viking does the best and where else are u going to get this kind of support from?. No were!!!

    I feel they handle all their client well! They do legacy updates and push every little once of memory in that little chip. Theirs only so much they can do. As far as RFs for games viking "from my experience" gets all its game settings from us the customers. We make the settings they publish. Sorry to say but if your not happy with the way u feel viking treats legacy customers then why don't u see what support u will get from all the other companies!
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    You'll actually get better performance if you take the time to dial in your own speed. One size does not fit all. We always encourage users to dial in their own speeds because one speed that works great for one customer, may not be the best speed for another customer. The vintage of your XBOX 360 console, your game connection, whether or not you are host, your average ping, the resistance of the potentiometer on the triggers in your particular controller, etc. can all affect your rapidfire depending on the game you are playing. When we pre-define speeds we define them on the safe side so that the speed will fire smoothly for all but if you tune in your particular setup you should be able to eek out a little more speed.

    We aren't trying to be jerks when we encourage you to dial in your own speed, we're trying to get you the absolute maximum performance out of the controller possible. If we could pre-tune it before shipping we would do it, but literally the game connection makes a big difference and we can't simulate that at the shop when we're building and testing controllers.

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