Full auto Pump action Shotgun.

Discussion in 'GTA IV' started by Mista DUBstep, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Hey guys,
    The macro I will upload in about 2 hours from this post, Will give you a fully automatic Pump action Shotgun.
    ATM it is still in testing stages, I have a few final tweeks to do here and there, It is currently at V 1.0 However, I think I will make an update for it and release it. Please do not ask me to upload it to the macro Library just yet, When i am finished testing it out I will upload it.

    How to use, Well, Right at this very moment, The macro is a "shift" key, So you gotta hold in the tac switch then pull the trigger, However I am thinking it will work just fine on [RT] but like i said, It is still in it's testing stages as of yet.

    Please note!
    I DO NOT under ANY! circumstances claim to have found this glitch within the game,
    I DO however claim to creation of the macro that exploits this glitch!

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