Left for Dead

Discussion in 'Left 4 Dead' started by grim rn, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. grim rn

    grim rn New Member

    Maybe a preset that defeats the melee timer or one that automatically reloads when you stop shooting for the faster reload.
  2. SOLOxMoNsTeR

    SOLOxMoNsTeR New Member

  3. kyocasey

    kyocasey New Member

    I would like to have a L4D preset also.
    But then again, L4D2 is about to come out right? 11/17/09
  4. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Yeah but programming a game preset for L4D would be a good way to 'practice' so we've got code to start with when L4D2 comes out. I'll start a new subforum for L4D.

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