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Discussion in 'Macro Editing Software' started by JDMillmatic, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. JDMillmatic

    JDMillmatic New Member

    questions. please help.

    i just had some questions about the controller. is the software system compatible with apple or is it with just windows? and what are the shipping rates to hawaii? and is there any way you can get caught for the modded controller while playing online? has anyone been caught? and any other information, opinions, or thoughts regarding the controller? pros and cons and what not? thanks for the help.
  2. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Just Windows. Need Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 or Vista.

    The shopping checkout will give you an exact shipping quote from UPS before it asks for any credit card info.

    To date I'm not aware of anyone who has "been caught" playing with modded controllers on-line. (I'm assuming you mean by get caught, you mean have their on-line account banned). Plenty of macro owners have had angry victims yelling at them through their microphones though :)

  3. NYjetsNY1

    NYjetsNY1 Active Member

    For the macro controller I'm assuming. Have you looked at the macro library yet?

    All of those are available to you free! Most of those are just user-uploaded macros too! That means you can create your own macros as well.

    Are there any more specific questions we can answer for you?
  4. JDMillmatic

    JDMillmatic New Member

    so what happens with mac users if they should invest in your controllers? how are they able to make their own macros? and what would i do if i wanted your controller but don't have a mac? is there any software for the mac coming out anytime soon?
  5. stevestorm1

    stevestorm1 New Member

    I asked that question a while ago to there is no mac software coming anytime soon you would have to have access to a windows computer of windows installed on your mac like me
  6. Sgt Jax Mehoff

    Sgt Jax Mehoff Useful Poster

    There is some software you can download that allows you to use Windows software on a mac. You could also run dual operating systems.
  7. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The official answer is that you would need to purchased a Windows PC running Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7.

    We don't support dual-boot O/S on Mac, but some customers have had success running windows on thier mac's using software like bootcamp. However, unless you pirate the copy of windows, you'd still have to buy a $99 OEM copy of Windows O/S.

    We have about 1,500 macro customers out there. It could cost us roughly $30,000 to port and test this on Mac, as it's written fully in Microsoft proprietary .NET framework. If you can get every existing Viking customer to send us a check for $20, we'll get started right away :).
  8. NYjetsNY1

    NYjetsNY1 Active Member

    Using bootcamp, customers have a 100% success rate of the macro controller working with that + windows XP +. We don't encourage it or support it though!
  9. JDMillmatic

    JDMillmatic New Member

    alright. thanks for all the help guys. looks like i may need to look into buying a pc should i invest in one of your controllers. anyone have feedback on them? pros and cons? any problems that arose? but sounds like all the reviews are really good and its the best modded controller out there. is there any way for microsoft or activision or whoever to track who uses a modded controller or what not where they ban your account? sorry for all the questions. just trying to get as much info as possible before going forward with this.
  10. NYjetsNY1

    NYjetsNY1 Active Member

    s there any way for microsoft or activision or whoever to track who uses a modded controller or what not where they ban your account?

    There have been statements by microsoft that Acessory mods are NOT bannable. They can't ban you for a modded controller. Remember: does NOT support or endorse the use of these controllers on XBOX Live. When purchasing from, you are purchasing a "modding service" which is the pre-modification of a controller (the "controller" itself is free with the purchase of this service). We then mod an existing controller from our inventory and ship it to you ready to use.

    No one to date has been banned for a modded controller. Console mods do get you banned though!
  11. DoughBoy32

    DoughBoy32 New Member

    As the title suggests, is the software ever going to support Mac OS or are we too late in the products lifecycle for that to happen? Would love to be able to program the controller with my Macbook.

  12. NYjetsNY1

    NYjetsNY1 Active Member

    Possibly in the future, but for now - no.
  13. Sgt Jax Mehoff

    Sgt Jax Mehoff Useful Poster

    I get lots of online people yelling at me though =P
  14. DoughBoy32

    DoughBoy32 New Member

    Thanks for the reply!
  15. twharton

    twharton New Member

    Don't buy the PC....load bootcamp on your Mac then $99 for a basic windows copy. All you need is Internet Explorer and folder(s) to download macros to + the Viking software.

    I run it on my macbook pro. Not one issue other than taking about 45 minutes to load bootcamp + windows.
    Doesn't it make sense to use the ultimate premium personal computing tool to control the ultimate personal gaming controller?

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