Problem with getting the Extra Buttons 1-4 to work.

Discussion in 'XBOX One Berserker Support' started by Deadmaxx, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Deadmaxx

    Deadmaxx New Member

    I can get the #2 button to work just fine, but if I set any of the other buttons #1, 3, & 4 with any functions they just wont work. I tried switching the paddles to see if maybe one was bad, but it didn't seem to make a difference. Am I missing something, or doing something wrong? Any help would be great. Thanks :)


    Update: I figured out what I was doing wrong...Its all working fine.
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  2. Deadmaxx

    Deadmaxx New Member

    Please remove this thread. :) I figured out my mistake.
  3. neoauspex

    neoauspex New Member

    No, don't delete! Tell me what it was first cause I'm doing it wrong too!
  4. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Me too ! lol I neoauspex I can log into your forge account and take a look at the rune pack that's giving you trouble?
  5. neoauspex

    neoauspex New Member

    Sorry for just now getting back to this, here's the scoop:

    When I add 4 runes to a group and assign them different paddle switches as triggers, only the first rune works. When I add 4 groups and 1 rune to each, and each rune has a different trigger, all 4 work fine without having to switch groups.

    This may be intended, it just seemed a little counter intuitive since there is functionality to add multiple runes to a group and to set a trigger that switches groups.

    All in all it is now working great as is, very happy with it.
  6. neoauspex

    neoauspex New Member

    I would like to add that, despite my craftiness, this does not make me better at video games than people that are younger and have more time than me.

    JIM WALKER Active Member

    I have to disagree there sir, I am 64yrs old, I am very often at the top of the sheet on pvp 6v6, and nearly always in the top half, this is because of the berserker and the anti recoils I use, making them to suit my game I can then compete with anyone, regardless of their age.
  8. modded matt

    modded matt Active Member

    To clarify your problem... One rune per group. you can set the group activation all the same so all the mods come on at once. (doing so would mean you only need to setup the LED indicator for the first group.) but they need to be in groups.

    Only one rune in the group can be active at once, but all groups can be active at once.

    Adding multiple runes inside a group is generally done for speed increments. Example: group 1 is rapid fire... rune 1 is 5SPS, rune 2 is 8SPs, rune 3 is 10SPS. you wouldn't want rune 1 and rune 3 turned on at the same time, so you have to scroll through the group to change speed.

    So in a remap situation, you will have 4 groups, (one for each of your extra buttons) each group having one rune each.

    Thats why only first rune works. If you set up a scroll sequence, (the box next to the LED indicator selector box) you can make each of your runes work, but only one at a time as I have noted above.
  9. modded matt

    modded matt Active Member

    I do agree with you that this controller while awesome at what it does, doesn't make me a better player. It gives a slight advantage, but kids with great skill and reflexes can over bear that advantage. Its just part of getting old. I was soldering the USB connector for a custom Berserker last night and my hand was shaking so bad I had to get my wife to help me. I remember just 5-10 years ago I could have done that in my sleep.

    This controller really shines at doing the things other controllers do not. such as custom remap, custom record/playback, turbo on any button or remap turbo buttons to switch, and MACROS!! like I said my hands shake more now and with the arthritis, I cannot press the combos fast enough for most games so a half circle forward and x,a,x,aa macro does the special combo moves for me.

    HAHA I was killing them at Rory Mclroy golf this weekend with turbo A button for a perfect power hit and turbo roll every time.

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