Advance Warfare No Recoil!

Discussion in 'Game-Specific Macro Chat' started by Boricua, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    Guys if u want no recoil try out the ak-12 with the g36 no recoil macro from MW3 its crazy. U might have to lower or make it faster depending on your connection speed and what ur looking for. I use mine with grip, silencer, and enhanced sight.

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    Nice to know! I dug through old threads on the Xbox ragnarok (can't look at macros on my phone) and the g36c antirocoil speed is 30sps.

    I remember as well this speed differs on ps3 version which was 10.3 sps.

    So playing around with one of these two speeds should hit that sweet spot!

    Great work Boricua.
  3. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    Yeah I forgot all about that one...good deal. My old computer is still pack away... Just building all new ones.. Have a sweet one that doesn't move and still holds the speed..
  4. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    I just tried it yesterday just for fun, and it actually was pretty good. I still think it can be improved. ill play with it right now to see what i can come up with. i am playing on the ps4 with the titan one dongle.
  5. morinzo

    morinzo Member

    Would any of the old dropshot macros work if the trigger speed was adjusted?
  6. JLIT

    JLIT Member

    So which rapid fire in the library works for the Advanced Warfare No Recoil? I understand the speed of the macro repetition might have to be sped up or slowed down to a sweet spot

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