Any viking players on BO2 want to get a group together?

Discussion in 'Black Ops II' started by Gleipnir, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Gleipnir

    Gleipnir New Member

    I'd love to play with some other forum members send me a f/r if you want to play and mod some people up. [​IMG]
    GT is Reportinq i'll be on later today after work.
  2. God

    God Member

    Wouldn't mind it. Send XmR Madness a friend request.
  3. usjot

    usjot New Member

    we have 5macro users vvChang Wangvv
  4. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    Im down.. we should all use the jitter with the 870 lmao.
    GT: boricuaponce
  5. Gleipnir

    Gleipnir New Member

    lmfao yea thats like all i rage hard...funny thing is none of the chipped controller companies have figured out the timeline for working jitter yet
  6. Tate24

    Tate24 Member

    I'm down, my gamer tag is Tate2424.
  7. noonoo390

    noonoo390 Member

    bkfinestmark718 gamer tag
  8. Do you still have reporting gamertag shane? what happened to jitturs?
  9. Sargent MaRs

    Sargent MaRs New Member

    Right hurr:
    ********* MaRs
  10. neverknow295

    neverknow295 New Member

    Got Crack3rs

    iDONTuseRUBBERS New Member

    My 3 year old Xmod Electronic controller jitter works for BO2 ....
  12. _Modi_

    _Modi_ New Member

    message booo kila for blk ops 2 ragnarok
  13. _Modi_

    _Modi_ New Member

    Maybe tell odengalt that and which jitter method is used and he could put it in the update
  14. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    What gun are you using the jitter on?
  15. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    * * * p r o o f o r i t d i d n ' t h a p p e n * * *
  16. Slicktrick

    Slicktrick Member

    Lol... Odin loves saying that :p
  17. inferno

    inferno New Member

    i have an xmod chip laying n around, ill throw it in tonight to test....but im sure its ghost bullets
  18. Yep im keen to group together my GT is Sprayurs
  19. inferno

    inferno New Member

    love to play with other guys add me....iNfErN0 mAcHiN3
  20. inferno

    inferno New Member

    Yup....xmod FAIL

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