Black Ops 1 on XBOX One

Discussion in 'XBOX One Berserker Rune Trading Post' started by overdose, May 18, 2016.

  1. overdose

    overdose Member

    Can we please get something going since Black Ops 1 is now backwards compatible with Xbox One
  2. modded matt

    modded matt Active Member

    Whats the question here?

    Do new members not understand that Viking does not produce macros or packs for each game? These are done by the members. Viking has given you the best tool available to create and share your own packs. Most of what I see shared is stuff made by me and Bone....

    You can take one of our packs and break it down into the origional runes and use what is needed for your new games or you can start from scratch, but if your waiting on Viking to release a pack for BO1, your going to be waiting forever.
  3. That's good for people who own computers.
  4. modded matt

    modded matt Active Member

    How can anyone in this day not have a computer?

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