Blackops II YY = Jitter is back?

Discussion in 'Black Ops II' started by Boricua, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    I saw on a YouTube video that YY action is back in Blackops II. Does this mean there's a high % that jitter might be back also? would be awesome.
  2. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Most likely it will be back if the YY action is back.
  3. Apex NuGz

    Apex NuGz New Member

    EVERYBODY with a Viking360 mod, i fear that rapidfire will not be that fast in BO2, i think it'll be slow, or possibly slower than if you have select fire-auto on the SMR or FAL OSW, i pray to the common sense of cod that that will not ruin this, because at the end of the day were just trying to have fun!, Jitter mod i have no doubt it'll return! i herd rumors that it may/may not be i'd love to see the video you saw Boricua send a link? just so i personally have proof lol.
  4. Enviious0116

    Enviious0116 Member

    i hope jitter return i want to rip into ppl lol. there is alot of 3 round burst weapon and semi. 1 four round burst too. whats crazy is a smg is three round burst

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Ya im curious to see what comes out of this game. There is only two assault rifles that are semi auto and a couple semi auto snipers as well also the shotguns hopefully will be able to use jitter. Im also curious about the ksg shotgun in this game. I wonder if it will be like mw3s ksg were u can jitter it were it looks like your finger spinning the shotgun in circles.
  6. Apex NuGz

    Apex NuGz New Member

    jitter mw3 ^ ??
  7. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Yeah I made a jitter for MW3 through a series of button presses.
  8. RED SOX

    RED SOX ModdingBros Co-Leader

    Jitter is back as well as fast rapid fire speeds for the FAL. I have no clue as for other single shot weapons.
  9. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    That is correct have a speed made already will post once game is released.
  10. Apex NuGz

    Apex NuGz New Member

    in that case i hope my black ops speed works for bo2 if not no problem its fun making new speeds ill postall my modes on here not libary
  11. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    It will not, have a whole new setup in this game, many mod blocks to throw people off, a skilled macro maker like yourself will get around it quick though.
  12. Apex NuGz

    Apex NuGz New Member

    never thought of that, and why don't we play anymore? lol either i don't see you on? eh idk but def. add back bro been a while. GT= L Dezign x. and guess we'll find out i just wanna play BO2 with a bunch of people who have Viking360 mods you know? cannot wait what Treyarch has instore for our game changing modded controller(s) -Macro,Ragnarok,Odin,Thor,Trys hand's!
  13. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    I got banned man console and profile but I know these things for a fact, the game is going to throw you some curveballs.
  14. barrow

    barrow New Member

    This made my day. MODDING BROS already have the rapid fire on lock and my FAL is back. I can't wait.
  15. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Sure do man will send you a PM to show you a little something.
  16. clint

    clint New Member

    MJ23KB24 What did you get banned for? Anyway the jitter is funny if you go too fast the gun will give animations that its shooting and you can see bullet damage but the ammo counter is not moving and there really isn't any bullets coming out. For example the revolver will shoot off like a mini gun but nothing comes out. I found some old medium speed jitter in the library that seemed to work
  17. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Long story will PM you about it.
  18. Apex NuGz

    Apex NuGz New Member

    if u dont mind i'd like to know to, the fear of getting banned now for modded controllers, since the new code of conduct update. worries me at times.. especially with black ops 2. a major title. and the community having feedback.. lol wow.. just hope Microsoft or 3arch. whatever don't be all anal about them. with select fire in black ops 2 a mod should not and honestly in my opinion isn't cheating.
  19. NYjetsNY1

    NYjetsNY1 Active Member

    This is indeed a good point about the new code of conduct updates etc.

    As far as I know, modded controllers are still just an accessory mod - and since you aren't modifying the game code itself, you cannot get banned for it.

    However, there is always the chance that somehow if you constantly get 'mod-blocked' over and over, you get banned on the game-itself (only banned on multiplayer of Black Ops 2 not banned over Xbox live).

    Once again though, this is EXTREMELY unlikely. The amount of modded controllers used in Call of Duty games is staggering; there is no way 3arch would ban people over the use of modded controllers in my opinion.

    Once again it says right on the website - " does NOT support or endorse the use of these controllers on XBOX Live."

    Only time will tell of course, but in my professional opinion, there is simply no way that 3arc would ban over modded controllers. In Call of Duty WAW, I could get mod-blocked without a mod because I could shoot that fast. My friends too. If 3arc banned over that, I would be banned for NO reason.

    So once again, the worry is always there, but shouldn't be a problem.
  20. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    I can assure you that the modded controller didnt have to do in my banning.

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