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Discussion in 'XBOX One Berserker Rune Trading Post' started by Snuffy, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. Snuffy

    Snuffy Member

    I am trying to figure how to make my "A" button continuously repeat.

    YES, I am using the vendor glitch in Fallout 4..... so sue me.

    I am wanting my "A" button to press and release, but not until I want it to..... and go until I tell it to stop......and I am trying to figure out how to start/stop the action.

    What is confusing me is I can't get the slider(from no press to full press) to show up on a button and that is messing me up. I guess it is a on/off mode instead of an analog action like a trigger press?

    Do I need to make a bunch of actions on the timeline editor??

    If anyone has tips let me know........BONE just give me advice....I want to do this myself...

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  2. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    Open a new create rune leave multipliers speed setting to default which is 1. I don't know how fast you want it but start off by draw a line from .3s to .6s.......go to the top right corner right next to create, there is the select playback feature and if you want to hold it while playing leave were it is at or you can set it to tap once to loop forever until second press then stop. Then save and test. If it doesn't go fast enough go back in and change multiplier setting to 2 and go on from there.
  3. Snuffy

    Snuffy Member

    I got it to work! My first rune! Do I need to go back & re save my rune pack that has my rune in it every time I tweak it?
  4. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    Long as you save what you are doing in the rune it will be on that rune pack that you made. You do have to download to controller through app the changes you made.
  5. Snuffy

    Snuffy Member

    Ok thanks! I am really enjoying this controller and the options it has, going to miss it when I send it back next week!

    Maybe I need to start saving up for a backup Berserker.....
  6. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    LOL! Have 3 already.
  7. Snuffy

    Snuffy Member

    I'm beginning to see why.
  8. Austin94

    Austin94 New Member

    Here is how I do it. You only have to press a until they don't have the money to cover it then go over and buy it and it will double what your selling every time. I haven't updated my game once so idk if it still works

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