Chronik Army is a modded controller and hacking clan we would like you to join us in are rampage

Discussion in 'Black Ops II' started by Benjamin Hendrickson, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Welcome to the forums! Do you guys have a website?
  2. No I wish we did but none of us can because are computers are crap.
  3. we have a web sight now but it are modded controller sight and we would be happy if we could get sponsored by you
  4. Got a new laptop going to see if the Elgato will work with this one fingers crossed.
  5. SuperX70Pro

    SuperX70Pro New Member

    I have a Macro and RGH, I make all my own speeds and menu's but I dont play on the RGH anymore due to just not wanting to spend the money to keep it going.... Plus none of my KV sellers will take PayPal anymore... I'm pretty sure I have the fastest macro's for Remington/KSG, FAL, and Five Seven though.. Even have a working snake macro for BO2
  6. Zach Moran

    Zach Moran Member

    Hey PM me

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