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    Create you black ops class: RIGHT HERE!!!
    Hey future black ops gamers, I bet all of you cannot wait to use create-a-class 2.0 in Black Ops, well now you can, right here.All you have to do is copy and paste the entire section titled "My Black Ops Class" , then select one for every category by deleting what you dont want and then post it here, simple right? Here's an example of mine. Have Fun :)
    . PRIMARY: M16A1. SECONDARY: Makarov ATTACHMENTS: Red Dot Sight, Suppressor. RETICLE: (if you chose red dot sight attch) 3 dots. RETICLE COLOUR: Blue EQUIPMENT: Motion Sensor TACTICAL: Concussion. LETHAL: Semtex. Perk 1: Ghost. Perk 2: Warlord. Perk 3: Ninja. KILLSTREAKS: 5: Napalm Strike · 7: Valkyrie Rockets· 9: Chopper Gunner.
    Here's all the info you'll need to create yours:My Black Ops Class.
    PRIMARY:Assault: M16, Enfield, M14, FAMAS, Galil, AUG, FAL, AK-47, Commando, G11SMG: MP5K, MAC-11, AK-74u, Skorpion, Uzi, Spectre M4, MPL, PM-63LMG: RPK, M60, HK21 Snipers: L96A1, Dragunov, WA2000Shotguns: SPAS, KS-23, Stakeout, HS-10, Olympia.
    SECONDARY:pistols: M1911, Python, Makarov, ASP, CZ75 Launchers: RPG-7, China Lake, M72 LAW, Grim Reaper. Special: Crossbow, Ballistic Knife.
    ATTACHMENTS:Extended Magazines, Dual Mag, ACOG Scope, Red Dot Sight, Reflex, Masterkey Shotgun, Flamethrower, Infrared Scope, Grenade Launcher, Suppressor, Swarovski Scope, Snub Nose, Flashlight, Dual Wield, Speed Reloader (Python only).
    RETICLE: (if you chose red dot sight attch)Dot. Semicircle . Line with dot . Circle . Smiley . Arrows Horizontal . Arrows Vertical . Arrows with dot . Boxes . Burst . Circle within a circle . Circle with dot . Circle with Crosshairs . Circle with inner line . Circle with outer line . Circle with arrows . Circle with triangles . Outer crosshairs . Small crosshairs . Large crosshairs . Diamond . Diamond outline . Heart . Radiation . Skull . Square . Square outline .Star . 3 dots . Treyarch . Triangle . Outer triangles . x . X with dot .yin yang.
    RETICLE COLOR: Green . Blue . Purple . Teal . Orange . Yellow.
    EQUIPMENT: Jammer, Motion Sensor, Tactical Insertion, C4, Claymore, Camera Spike
    TACTICAL:Willy Pete, Nova Gas, Flashbang, Concussion, Decoy
    LETHAL:M67, Semtex, Tomahawk
    PERK 1:Lightweight · Scavenger · Ghost · Flak Jacket · Hardline.
    PERK 2:Hardened · Scout · Steady Aim · Sleight of Hand · Warlord.
    PERK 3: Marathon · Ninja · Second Chance · Hacker · Tactical Mask.
    KILLSTREAKS: 3: Spy Plane · 3: RC-XD · 4: Counter-Spy Plane · 4: SAM Turret · 5: Care Package · 5: Napalm Strike · 6: Sentry Gun · 6: Mortar Team · 7: Attack Helicopter · 7: Valkyrie Rockets · 8: Blackbird · 8: Rolling Thunder · 9: Chopper Gunner · 11: Attack Dogs · 11: Gunship

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    warlord(red dot and extended mags)

    killstreaks RC XD, airstrike(idk), valkarie rockets.

    EDIT** same class just spy plane and napalm strike as my killstreaks

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