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    My home network has gotten... excessive. I need something more than a spreadsheet to keep track of all my wires, routers, switches and devices.

    Does anyone know of a good network topology software? I'm looking for something that's cheap or free that will scan my network, detect all the devices and routers, and put them on a topology map for me. There are some really nice $1,000's tools that do this, and there's OpenNMS but that seems pretty elaborate for what I need. There's freemium SpiceWorks but I'm worried about privacy (assuming once I install their apps they are allowed to pipe into my home network and do as they please).
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    Spiceworks wasn't able to pick up anything except my backbone back to the ISP. For other devices it wanted me to enter credentials before they'll show up in the map... can you say privacy invasion? Uninstalling it as we speak. I always end up uninstalling "freemium" applications.

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    Trying NMAP from https://nmap.org/download.html

    The first thing the NMAP installer does is update PCAP, so apparently SpiceWorks is built on outdated version of PCAP. It's already bad news for freemium when the free open source equivalent product is more updated than your product... All right, to the Zenmap scanner with GUI. First thing you will want to scan your whole subnet, in my case 192.168.0.* or I suppose you could do 192.168.*.*

    I ran a custom scan (not sure if it's needed), command: nmap -T4 -A -v --traceroute 192.168.0.* newtargets

    After you run the scan, WAIT AWHILE! The hosts list will eventually populate itself and so will the topology tab. You don't need to do anything except start the scan, but you do need to wait 5-10 minutes for the scan to do its thing.


    This topology map isn't correct, I'll have to think about whether this is due to the way I configured the routers, or if it's because I'm running the scan incorrectly. Will update this post if I figure it out.


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