Logitech K380 bluetooth wireless keyboard (for my HTPC)

Discussion in 'Nerd Squad - Electronics Talk' started by odingalt, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. odingalt

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    I needed a new keyboard for my HTPC. I had previously purchase an HP Stream Mini 200-010, but it came with a giant wired keyboard and wired mouse that wouldn't reach to my couch.

    I was in Office Depot the other day and by the checkout stand they had the Logitech K380 and a Logitch M535 mouse.


    The M535 is nothing special. It's a solid bluetooth mouse, pairs easily to my HP Stream Mini and works on my couch leather, but you can get mice that are just as small and functional for half the cost.

    The K380 on the other hand, is totally awesome. It can be paired to up to 3 different computers (or android phones, or a mix of both) and has quick bluetooth buttons at the top to quickly switch between devices. So if for some reason you have multiple computers in one room and want to use the same wireless keyboard on all of them without a KVM switch, you can.

    However the M535 does not switch along with it, to change the M535 you have to re-pair it manually each time. So the M535 doesn't work any better in conjunction with the K380 as any other bluetooth mouse would.


    The K380 is compact (about 60% the size of my standard ANSI keyboard). It's actually a grey and not a black. It paired easily with Windows 8.1


    I sat with the K380 on my lap to do a quick typing test... normally I am about a 110WPM typist when sitting at a workstation with a Microsoft 4000 series ergonomic keyboard. On my first try with the K380 I clocked in at over 100WPM:


    Overall the K380 is a totally fantastic HTPC keyboard for my living room. Looks great, and works great sitting on my lap on the couch. I did try using the K380 at my workstation and while I completely love the oval keys (and lower height of keystroke and lower pressure required to press the keys) my wrists started to hurt after 45 minutes of typing. The reason being that my wrists just absolutely require the split/sloped/angled ergonomic design any more. "Standard" straight keyboards hurt my wrists.

    I will be keeping my eye out on logitech products, I would love it if they could design a K380 ergonomic style for my workstation. Round buttons with short keystrokes but with a split and angled keyboard design!

    All in all the K380 was a good buy for my living room HTPC.
  2. bonefisher

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    That is a pretty quick speed there Odin. I can drag and drop in 3 seconds flat. lol!
  3. Snuffy

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    WOW, I really respect those of you who can type without looking at the keys.....
    Back when I was in high school the males were discouraged from taking typing...that was what it was called back then.....I took agriculture and carpentry/electrical classes.

    But....I am glad I can grow my own food, build and wire whatever I need.....I guess it's a trade-off!
  4. modded matt

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    Strange, I am 35 and typing was mandatory when I was in high school. I touch type, but I cant spell anything correctly, so it was the adjusted time that killed me. Now I just type it out and let spellcheck fix it. LOL

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