Macro Controller Resetting itself.

Discussion in 'Macro Controller Tech Support' started by Boricua, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    I'm not sure whats going on but my controller keep resetting itself like after 5 -10 mins. Sometimes the led's will turn off and the controller will still function but the macros won't. I use brand new battery's and it does not fix the problem.
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  2. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    This still mite be battery issues....also make sure to check the u use recharge battery packs?

    JIM WALKER Active Member

    Also, does it still do it if you use the plug and play charge cable ?

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    My macro was doing this as well. I just loaded a blank page into my controller and changed the led color to a different color other than stock red. After that the problem stopped.
  5. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    I opened a new window, changed the led color to green. put some macros on it. and its still doing it. sometimes the led will turn off but the macros will still work. other times the controller still works but the macros or led wont. I think im going to have to send it in again to get this fix.

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    That's to bad. Sorry to hear that. I had a similar problem where my macros worked and the LEDs wouldent turn on.

    I assume it was my macro page, must of had a bug in it. Anyway it went away when I loaded a blank page changing the led color. Then I re made the macro page again reloading it up and everything went back to normal.

    I'm sorry that did not work for u in your particular case. Best of wishes to ya and I hope u get it fixed ;)
  7. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Can you post your .vks file here for analysis?

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    I can post my re made one. I completely erased the one that bugged out on me and re made all the settings I had. I Dont know if it makes a difference but it happens when i was playing original Xbox games on my 360.

    Having issues trying to upload my re done vks file. Can't seem to figure out how to post it. Wish we still had the paperclip icon like the old web engine. Oh well.
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  9. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I think in the lower right of your post is a button "Upload a File" look for that it's next to the "Post Reply" button.
  10. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    Here it is. sorry i took so long to reply, between my job and the gym i almost never have time to play during the week.

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  11. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    would be great if u could post it. Ill try it.

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