New PS4 Controller Circuit Board - JDM-040 - CUH-ZCT2U - partial controller teardown

Discussion in 'Do-it-yourself!' started by odingalt, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. odingalt

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    PS4 Slim Controller Top View with Lightbar.JPG

    Went and picked up the new PS4 Slim console at Best Buy today. It comes with a new style of PS4 controller. The physical body looks the same to me (same curvature, etc.) but there is a second little light bar embedded within the touch screen.

    This circuit board is hereby designated JDM-040, named after the marking on the PS4 controller circuit boards. The sticker on the back outside shell says CUH-ZCT2U, but I have never liked using that particular Sony designation to try to guess as to what circuit board is on the inside of the controller.

    Bottom Shell Interior - Closeup.JPG Bottom Shell Interior.JPG Button Pad Lands on FlexPCB.JPG Controller Label - Left .JPG Controller Label - Right.JPG JDM-040 Circuit Board.JPG PS4 Mainboard on Frame.JPG PS4 Slim Controller Top View with Lightbar.JPG Stick Side of PCB.JPG Top Shell Interior.JPG
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    Forums arbitrarily limited me to 10 images, but I had 11. Here's #11.

    Upper Shell Button Pads.JPG
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    FYI if you design modchips or do soldering on playstation 4 controllers, you'll have to start all over with JDM-040 and update your solder points list, it's a completely new circuit board again. I'm not tackling it tonight, maybe this weekend.

    JDM-040 Circuit Board.JPG

    Stick Side of PCB.JPG

    JIM WALKER Active Member

    You sir are a very special individual, here you are again, still ripping apart and looking to see what can be done to improve a stock controller, even though you will still be feeling down from Viking retail coming to an end.
    I wanted to thank you sooooo much for being the person you are, your skills are amazing, yet you have always managed to give your valuable time to your customers on a personal level.
    Again, thank you, I wish you and your family every success ahead.
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  5. odingalt

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    Oh no I'm not doing this out of the goodness of my heart. I am doing this for P R O F I T ! :) I still need this teardown for our wholesale customers.

    Have to mention props to the user RDC from Acid Mods (and other places) for doing real good teardowns of all the controllers over the years. I have referenced his stuff a million times.
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  11. Carlos grimaldo

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    Hey Odingalt, i'm quite new to this whole controller modding stuff. How exactly could I link a wire to the "Cross" point. Would I need to scrape the surface of the board and drop a solder point? I'm not too sure how this works.
  12. ds4user

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    Hi, has anyone got a picture of the board underneath the ARM SoC? i.e. like this but for JDM-040:
  13. Frenque

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    Is there a fuse on the main pcb of the JDM-040?
    My CUH-ZCT2E is completely dead. It doesn't charge or start.
    I've charged the battery with an external charger and I've replaced the flex cable from main pcb to usb board and the usb board itself.
    However, no response at all. Which makes me think the main pcb is at fault. Maybe a broken dc converter or fuse.
    Hopefully one day there will be a schematic online, I don't think there is a schematic for the JDM-040 at the moment.
    I've tried to clean the remnants of the factory flux coating, this seems to be on all dualshock controllers near the joy sticks. There is continuity from the right black port to the usb board.
    also the missing piece just above the 000-smd resistor, just under the big IC chip, is also normal for this board.
    I'm out of possibilities, except for replacing this board.

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