Odin's Raven programming

Discussion in 'XBOX360 Legacy Tech Support' started by UAVEclipsE, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. UAVEclipsE

    UAVEclipsE New Member

    Im having the same problem. My controller is in bootloader mode and i plug it in but the rapidfire software willnot detect. Ive tried all the same things you have and uninstalled and then reinstalled the rapid fire software. Anything would be helpful at this point
  2. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Is this a macro controller? If so I think your drivers may not be installed on your computer for an xbox controller. I have a buddy that has this issue and will eventually trouble shoot it to make sure everything is good. I just think its the drivers. Go into your system and then device manager with your controller plugged in and see if it has a yellow triangle next to the xbox controller driver.
  3. UAVEclipsE

    UAVEclipsE New Member

    NOpe its the odins raven
  4. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Oh Im not sure then man you will have to wait until Odin gets on as I am not expierenced at all with those.
  5. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    (It helps a lot to not hijack other people's threads and also to post in the correct forum. Your posts were moved to the Legacy tech support area)

    Odin's Raven, are you holding the right tac switch while powering up the odin's raven, to put it into programming mode?

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