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Discussion in 'XBOX360 Legacy Tech Support' started by aluminex, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

    What am I doing wrong? I just got an Odin's Raven for my son. I want to use some of the BO2 macros that are available. The vks files.

    I clicked download and then Odin's Raven. The only download I see on the page was for the customization software but after installing all I can see is the hex flashing utility.

    When I open the software and put the controller in programming mode the software says.... Viking Controller Connected and Detected but the 3 buttons are greyed out.
  2. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

    Okay so now after rebooting and reconnecting I have Open Game Driver and Reboot Controller available. Program controller is still greyed out
  3. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

    Ok... so after so I am thinking maybe the program controller button is greyed out until you select a hex file?

    How do I load macros though? Should I need to program the controller with firmware? I am just trying to find the viking software to export my default macros and load macros for bo2
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  4. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

    So I found the viking360 software from a Google.


    I have downloaded this and installed this software. I am assuming this is to update macros and the other hex editor is too change software. However, the video seems out of date or my controller isn't working. I tried just hitting the start button and never get a connected message. If I put the controller in program mode by holding in TAC and hitting power I get a connected message but can't export anything. I get a syncing message and it just sits there.
  5. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

    Oh man this is frustrating... Maybe I am just an idiot but I have spent about 3 hours reading forums, watching videos, downloading software, and there isn't a 123 step process. It seems 1/2 of what I watch is outdated or the links don't work.
  6. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

  7. YoungPuzzlez

    YoungPuzzlez New Member

    you cant use macros with the legacy controller you have to make your own in the hex file maker once you have done that save it to a place safe and that you will remember then put frsh new batteries in your controller, turn off the controller and hold down the right tac switch on the back before putting the battery pack back in, once you have done this hold the guide button down so it is in programmer mode 2 LED should be lit then plug your programing cable in to the computer then your controller while the flashing utility is open then then click open game driver and open the one you saved before or made then click program controller wait for it to be done then click reboot then take out and play
  8. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I feel really stupid right now... I apologize.... I am buying this for my son.
    I have another question. If I can't use Macro's --- how will he setup Jitter etc.. for BO2?
  9. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

    I think i got it... I apologize once again. I am wondering if I shouldnt have spent the extra money for a macro controller though
  10. aluminex

    aluminex New Member

    Is there a tutorial for setting up the controller? I found the one on how to hook it up but can't find one on programming tips
  11. modded matt

    modded matt Active Member

    here is a short video to give you and idea:

    This is a rapid fire controller designed for most kids who play the main first person shooter games. If you play a more diverse set of games that would justify the macro, then yes you may have made the wrong choice. However, dont get me wrong the controller you have in your hands is still a great product. It is more advanced than 99% of modded controllers on the market and will have a learning curve that comes along with it.
  12. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    If you own the Odin's Raven which has two tac switches on the back side, and a 3.5mm jack hole for programming, then you need to be on the Odin's Raven download page:


    Check out that page, there are some videos and downloads to get you started.

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