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    Ok I have a beta on my computer of 'perfect noscope'. This is how I have the controller programmed so let me know if this is right and if you'd like to test this feature for me, because I'm not too familiar with perfect noscoping:

    1.) Pick a game class that has sleight of hand pro (with faster aiming).

    2.) Depending on how you set up your custom driver in our editor, scroll through the modes until you're on OneTouch NoScope mode, then enable it. (Hammer users: your only choice in the editor will be to use the Left Trigger to activate noscope. Odin's Raven users: You can choose no-scope to be mapped to the left trigger, the left tac switch, or the right tac switch). For our example, let's assume the Left Trigger is the activation button.

    3.) Aim at somebody's head and Tap the left trigger. The game character will now automatically begin scoping automatically for you (you can release the left trigger right away or just 'tap' it), and he will fire a single shot the instant that the crosshairs appear fully on the screen. As soon as the game character fires one single shot, he stops scoping.

    It should be ready to go for both the Thor's Hammer (left trigger only for noscope) and Odin's Raven (pick left trigger, left tac, or right tac switch).

    (Odin's Raven users: Remember, any time there is a conflict - such as when the right tac switch is mapped to dropshot mode AND it's also mapped to change modes, you'll have to hold 'button A' before tapping your tac switch in order to change/toggle modes.)

    Please post your results here and thanks. I'm not a noscope fiend so let me know if the timing needs to be sped up or slowed down just a little bit.

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    ***************************************FIXED DOWNLOAD*********************************************

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