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  1. modded matt

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    I have responded to many threads of people having problems with their legacy controller and it not working correctly.
    These have all been user error.
    Read the read me file.

    If you have a LEGACY controller, it MUST be programmed. End of story.
    There has been a new controller released since the viking chip was released. Therefore, your new controller needs an update!
    That's why you bought a Viking Controller, so it can be updated.
    You need to get your new controller into programming mode, and then program the hex file and word bits.

    See below:

    #1 To get a New Controller Into Program Mode. (New Controllers)

    1. Remove the batteries.
    2. Press and hold for the duration of this process the right tact switch/or sync button.
    3. Insert the batteries.
    4. Turn on controller.
    5. Once controller is on, you can now release the button.

    #2 Programming The Controller

    1. Download and unzip a driver file from this site.
    2. Open the hidbootloader.
    3. Plug in your controller.
    4. In the bootloader box, click the check box which reads "allow word configuration programing".
    5. Click open hex file, navigate to where you saved the downloaded file and double click the .HEX file.
    6. Click program/verify.
    7. Upon successful programing, click reset device.
    8. Unplug and start playing

    In order to update the new controller with the new compatable software you must
  2. 40_ounce

    40_ounce Member

    Great post this needs to be a sticky.
  3. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I love you Matt. How do we hire you on full time lol :D I feel bad, for the couple of users that have had legitimate hardware problems with their viking needing a return.. it's so hard to separate those customers, from the majority who have a little bit of a hard time reading any of our help documents... or watching any of our videos... or reading the sticky topics...
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