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Discussion in 'XBOX360 Legacy Tech Support' started by Bear94, May 13, 2012.

  1. Bear94

    Bear94 Member

    Well I think we need a run and gun mode. What it does is when you pull the right trigger it aims down the sight and drop shots. The counter would be pulling left trigger first and it won't drop shot.
  2. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Anyone else interested in this feature?
  3. SlickNick

    SlickNick New Member

    That sounds pretty sweet. I think I'd prefer it without the drop shot. Maybe one with and one without?
  4. Bear94

    Bear94 Member

    It would be very useful on up and personal maps
  5. Celtics34

    Celtics34 New Member


    Oh Yes add that it would be BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 40_ounce

    40_ounce Member

    Add it Odin........
  7. Moneybagz

    Moneybagz New Member

    this would be amazing! and if u could add like a turbo knife mod or turbo riot for the raven also. it seems like all the cool stuff is with the macro only.
  8. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Its because all of the buttons are mapped out on the macro enabling it to pull of some of the amazing things it does. That and the programming on the chip to make it run those and save them in a specific order.
  9. Moneybagz

    Moneybagz New Member

    O ok...well do u know if he will be adding these features for the legacy software for odins raven? i downloaded version guessing thats the newest version right?
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  10. RED SOX

    RED SOX ModdingBros Co-Leader

    The Odin's Raven software doesn't have the same ability the Macro software does. The Macro is a much more complex controller and can do these types of features.
  11. Moneybagz

    Moneybagz New Member

    i saw on one of the threads that Odingalt said that he was going to add the new and improved dropshot mod to the legacy software sometime in the summertime.
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  12. Moneybagz

    Moneybagz New Member

  13. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Yeah he was planning on making a drop shot function but he is pretty busy right now with making more macro controllers and making more Ragnarok controllers. I wouldnt be surprised if that plan got backed up a little bit.
  14. sly3571

    sly3571 New Member

    I am just wondering when we will have more news on this i am also interested in this as well
  15. Bear94

    Bear94 Member

    whats the update on this?

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    I actually created a turbo knife and riot on my raven controller by making a mimic tac of the X buttion then i just go to the editing software then i set up a class using the custom RB, Y. fast reload and set the speed to 5 so when im in that mod if i want to turbo knife/riot someone i hit the RS then the mimic X tac at the same time. If u know your way around a controller u can just solder a wire ruining from the X circuit to the first leg of the tac and another wire from a ground point to the second leg of the tac switch. Its a little hard to use during game play cause when your in that mode u cant reload your weapon unless u turn that mod off so thats why i make my tac on/off with a tap instead of holding it down for three seconds. So if your a experienced modder u can do this to achieve the turbo knife/riot but don't recommend it if you never done this before.
  17. Moneybagz

    Moneybagz New Member

    I hope Odin adds would be so EPIC!! My Odin Raven would be so beast Again.:rolleyes:

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