So any news on PS4 controllers???

Discussion in 'PS3 General Chat' started by battlelog, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. battlelog

    battlelog Member

    I was just wondering if you guys have any news on ps4 controllers????
  2. noonoo390

    noonoo390 Member

    macro ps4 controller coming along well check out the viking 360 facebook page for all the updates
  3. battlelog

    battlelog Member

    Hey man thanks!!!
  4. battlelog

    battlelog Member

    I have a question, so with this new controller will the L2 and R2 be the default ADS and fire triggers, if so thats cool dont mind that, just wanted to make sure before I buy today???
  5. battlelog

    battlelog Member

    PS4 Rag

    So looking at the instuctions for the new ps4 controller, we will not be able to use the software for the ps3 rag thats to bad. I was reading the insructions it looks a bit complicated, hope you guys get those videos up soon so we can see how it works. Im kinda on the fence to order one, dont know thou, I play bf4 only and I was able to make the ps3 ran work great for that game and many others but you guys our saying that you are using the same mod chip for this ps4 ran so I hope it will work the same way??

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