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    This is a lil project I am working on called Touch RF . Basically its a small oled /lcd touch screen that is used for integration with RF chips. Right now the mod is being dev'd into two parts. 1 is the 4" version that is for a chatpad mod, the other is a 1.5" version that gets installed in an xbox controller.
    the sample pic is an old revision but it gives you an idea what i am up to.
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    Love it. We thought about it awhile back but could not locate affordable oled touch screens. Then I read about LCD screen antitrust lawsuit and figured maybe there are some companies overseas that are manipulating the oled market. The cost should have come down by now... $40+ for a low-end oled screen? :-x I'm missing something, maybe I don't have the right factory contacts.


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    So u got a 1 & 1/2 by 1 & 1/2 inch square touch activated lcd screen your intigrating into a xbox controller thats touch sensitive to activate or opperate the mods off some particular chip? Are u integrating this on to a viking chip or are u programming your own chips like 12f683 chips to run off this lcd touch screen? Is the chatpad mod like the brain/primary mod setup to the lcd screen thats installed in the xbox controller? Sorry for all the questions im just trying to figure out were u are going with this?! Look forward to hearing what exactly u got planned! Thats quite a build u got going on there. If you complete it I would love to see like a video tutorial of what u did and how it opperates. My opinion what u are doing sounds pretty rad. I would love to see the finished product or even a step by step process and parts list of your build so it can be replicated by hardcore DIYs looking for a challenge!
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    Nice that sounds like a boss build!
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    Thanks everyone for showing some interest. Matt I figured I find you holding a position of power around here.
    Onto the mod. First some info on parts and how I am going about doing this. There is probably cheaper ways, but to speed up dev , I am working with products from 4d systems. Product link . The free software that anyone can download is very useful and intuitive. The visual version lets you program using drag and drop and lets you preview your work while working. Software link .
    The larger screens come with enough IO pins to integrate with the Ragnarok w/o any extra parts.
    The smaller 1.5" needs a couple of chips to run things. The 1.5" can use dallas 1 wire to communicate with uC's . But does not have touch screen built in. It needs to have a uC to control buttons and touch screen. Or I need 2 chips. I had a link for this part can't seem to find it atm. Info for 1 wire buttons ... link
    The point of it all----
    I started this because I build things for customers. Customers come to me with a problem and I figure out how to make a solution. Well a lot of my customers get easily confused about the controllers I build for them . I wanted to create a way for people to sel rf modes and know exactly what they were doing.
    How hard is it to push a icon on screen representing quick scope or drop shot etc.
    What I would like to see this turn into is a stand alone project with its own coding and integration into a controller. For now I am using the Rag, to speed up dev and because its a very intuitive control system. Eventually I will need to include the coding onboard for what I want it to do. For example I would like to set up where you pic your game , then pic your weapon and all settings for your weapon are preloaded up. pic up a new weapon on the ground in game, just click gun menu , and choose the weapon on screen and setting change. For those who have had anything to do with Gears know about perfect active reload. The problem has all ways been selecting the timing you need for each weapon , while playing gets tricky. So if you just clicked on a gun icon now it make choosing the right mode for your gun much faster and simpler. If anyone wants to get involved I am open. I am not doing this to make millions of $ , I am doing this to better the technology that we use and build.
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    Very impressive, specialy the ps3 go
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    Here is an updated look into the larger 3.2inch screen.
    main menu preview
    Rapid Fire menu

    LED menu

    My work area

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    So I am back at this project. I ordered some parts to start a prototype to actually build something out of this. I'll update as parts come together to form something.
  10. odingalt

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    Finally somebody with the balls to tackle OLED :)! I have looked into it a few times but in the past it was hard to find a steady reliable supplier of the screens. That is improving every year.

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