Viking Legacy Preset Editor v0.9.8.0

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    What's new in this version?

    -Repaired fast reload, quick scope and dropshot which stopped working in
    -Repaired problem where some Tyr's Hands didn't work with this software.

    Installations instructions:

    -Manually uninstall any previous versions of this software
    -Download this .RAR file.
    -Extract all the files into the same place.
    -Double-click the .MSI file to begin installation.

    If it doesn't seem to install the VC runtime libraries correctly, also try double-clicking the setup.exe file.

    This should add the Viking360 legacy rapidfire software to your program menu.

    Would you like to discuss this release? Visit the discussion thread located here: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3315 Rapidfire Customization Software

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