Viking360 Preset Editor beta - version 0.05

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    **Download link removed, this is an old version***

    What's new in this version:

    -Added dropshot. When in dropshot mode, a tap of the the B button will cause the character to completely lie down (or completely stand up).
    -Added new jitter mods with improved support for Striker - for Striker, choose Jitter (x,y,y method) and set it to Fast.
    -Pre-tuned speeds should now work properly when selected.
    -Improved the shots-per-second conversion (but not completely fixed yet, for example if you pick 10 shots per second, it's not exactly 10 shots per second)

    Bugs that still exist:

    -We have identified the error where if you pick a custom speed faster than 20.60 shots-per-second in the editor, the controller fires at 1 shots-per-second. We will fix this in the next release. For now you can choose any speed up to 20.60.
    -The mod does not seem to turn off, when the controller is turned off (or if the xbox is powered off and the controller powers off with it). Will investigate this further and incorporate fix in a future release.

    READ INSTRUCTIONS. This is a BETA, so there are still a lot of things to fix. This is for long-time and experienced Viking users. Novices may get confused.

    1.)Download the attached .RAR file, extract all files to the same folder on your computer.
    2.)Launch the Viking360 HEX Editor, and choose your settings (don't open the primer.hex files with the viking360 hex editor)
    3.)Save your custom .HEX file when it's ready, name it anything you want (for example, JohnDoe.hex)
    4.)Launch the hidbootloader.exe flashing software on your PC
    5.)Connect your controller to the computer as normal

    This is the important part to pay attention to:

    6.)Click Open Hex File. Choose the 'PRIMER' hex file for your controller first!
    7.)Click Program/Verify
    8.)Click Open Hex File. Now choose your JohnDoe.hex file that contains your custom preset.
    9.)Click Program/Verify
    10.)Click Reset Device.

    It is very important that you load the primer HEX first, then your custom HEX. You'll have to do this each time. We'll eliminate this step in the final version.

    Still to come:

    Gears of War Perfect Reloads

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