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    This thread applies to the old Legacy controllers only. This thread does not apply to the new Macro controller, aka "The Viking".

    What's The Difference Between Each Viking360 Controller?

    All Viking360 Controllers Can Be Updated With a PC.

    Odin's Raven
    This is the top model.
    It has 2 added buttons (Tact switches) on the back of the controller for switching modes
    to allow you to change mode's with ease. It is able to use every feature of the Viking360 chip.

    Thor's Hammer
    No added buttons, uses sync to change modes, but this can be quite annoying.
    However this controller is ideal if you want all the feature's of the Raven but not for the extra cost!

    Tyr's Hand
    This is the basic model.
    No added buttons, uses sync to change modes, however it only has the triggers wired up so
    does can not have as many features as the other 2. This is perfect if you primarily just
    want a rapidfire controller that will never not work due to patches, it can be easily updated
    via you PC with the latest preset!

    What's The Difference Between Modifying The Existing
    PnC Port and 3.5mm Programming Jack?

    Used To Update Your Controller Via Your PC.

    3.5mm Programming Jack
    This is an added programming jack which is added to the back of the controller,
    it doesn't effect the functionality of the controller like the modifying the PnC port.
    This includes a 3.5mm to USB cable with it.

    Modifying The Existing PnC Port (Play 'n' Charge Port)
    This is instead of installing a 3.5mm Jack, you use the PnC port to update the controller instead.
    However this stops you from being able to Charge 'n' Play at the controller, you can only charge it
    when it's not in use as when it is charging with a modified PnC port stops a couple of buttons
    from working (A & Right Stick Click I think), Also the charging LED will not work when it is charging
    so you will have to use the guide button menu to check the battery level.

    My Preferred Set Up Is; Odin's Raven with an Added 3.5mm Programming Jack
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