Macro editing software v0.9.0.0 download link...

Discussion in 'Macro Editing Software' started by odingalt, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Storm

    Storm Member

    I still have the software and use it all the time. Send me a PM and I'll send you software.
  2. ThatGuy105

    ThatGuy105 New Member

    can i also get a link to the latest software? someone should also post a working link to the forum also.
  3. RealTime

    RealTime New Member

    Yeah I now have a ton of time on my hands and I was thinking of making some macros. Just not sure if I have the latest version of the software. Is this the last version?

    I try to update from the app and it tells me to check my internet. I am sure that is due to the sever being down. if this is the lastest software then I am good. Now I just need to try and find the manuals I downloaded oh so long ago.

    I hope everyone is staying safe.

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