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Discussion in 'GTA IV' started by domdrakka, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. domdrakka

    domdrakka New Member

    What is the maximum sps (shots per second) for Grand Theft Auto: IV using the viking macro controller? Can i set it as high as I want. Someone was telling me he can set his at 200-300 shots per second for GTA 4. Is this guy full of it. Or is he telling the truth. What is the max sps for Grand Theft Auto: IV.

    Just want to know the firing rate limit for GTA IV? With the viking macro. Rapid fire maximum shots per second firing rate.

    Thank You
  2. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    It depends on so many different factors... where you are at on the map, how many players are connected, what generation console you have, how good your internet connection is... GTA IV suffers badly from game lag which will affect your rapidfire speed. Most people just play on Airport as there is much less lag there.

    200-300 shots, the guy is just full of bull.
  3. domdrakka

    domdrakka New Member

    OK. I understand that some factors will affect the rapid fire. But Odingalt what I am trying to figure out is the maximum shots per second when everything is going right. I have never had a turbo controller and am looking to buy the viking macro however I just need to know how fast I can shoot on GTA IV, because that is all I play. I am not a call of duty fan. I do understand that I can program the viking macro to shoot up to 60 shots per second on certain games. I am looking to find the highest shots per second for my Grand Theft Auto: IV game.

    Some people with modded controllers on GTA tell me they can set it to 40 sps, while other tell me 20. If anyone would know the correct answer I imagine it would be you guys on this forum, as you do the the best modded controllers on the market from what I hear.

    I just need a solid answer, I saw that you answered a Call of Duty max shots per second on a different post. You said that they can do 8 sps for the user programmable mode, or 11 sps if they use the CoD 5 presets. Im just looking for that kind of solid answer for GTA.

    Now on the same note I was looking at your macro library and see you have two GTA IV rapid fire macros. The first one is the GTA rapid fire (for right trigger), and the other is the GTA 21.1 sps. So my question is what is the difference between the two macros and is 21.1 sps the limit for GTA IV. Because I know there has to be a cap on the shots per second, and I am very interested to know what that cap is. Thanks Odingalt I appreciate you answering.
  4. NYjetsNY1

    NYjetsNY1 Active Member

    There is no cap except for lag. Depending the place you go determines how fast you can shoot. I believe the macros in the library work anywhere which is why they are good.

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