any thoughts on creating a class guide for bo2 where mods complement perks and weapon

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    For example the xm8 shoots great with the rapid fire mod setting for the smr.. better example coming soon.
    Will list all perks and attachments... pick 10 and. All other considerations combined with controller mods for the most combat effectiveness achievable.
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    OK as promised a more complete explanation...
    Since there are ten mod settings and 10 class loadouts I would like to open discussions about the most effective weapons and how to make them work in a such a way as to deliver the most damage in the shortest amount of time with the fewest shots fired.

    For an extreme example, think of your favorite single shot sniper rifle and consider this... do you want your rapid fire to shoot the second shot as soon as possible or at the EXACT moment the rifle returned to the point of aim on your target?
    I prefer the second option.

    My first pick is the m8a1 with target finder and quick draw. Rapid fire setting for the SMR works great for the M8A1 and let's me change to my second pick without changing my rapid fire setting.
    My second choice is of course the SMR with target finder and quick draw.

    Here I have my top 2 choices and I left out the specific timings because my phone makes
    A horrible keyboard...

    How do you guys feel about your deadliest classes and what are they?
    Next time I'm using my laptop.......

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