Anyone play with their Viking 360 macro?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Flyability, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Flyability

    Flyability New Member

    does anyone play with a viking360 macro still?. And if so wats ur psn or Xbox gamertag
  2. garnet2k11

    garnet2k11 New Member

    i do, just recently begun using it for the nintendo switch actually. havent had to use it for my 360 in a few years. I got this "microsoft xbox 360 wireless receiver" thing and something else called mayflash magic ns for nintendo switch to use other controllers with it, plug in the wireless receiver to the mayflash, ...use the "sync" button on the 360 controller, and it works. :)

    All my tac switch buttons and macros are working on nintendo switch ...i just pray to god the controller doesnt die out with that LED problem so many people have. :(

    im hoping odingalt will let me know if they still will allow us to send in our controller for repair if it "does" fail anytime in the near future :| i cant help but worry that it may happen at any momment.
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  3. cExact

    cExact New Member

    yes i still play with it, currently on PC though i really wanna buy a new one although all out of stock no more :(

    BIG MICHO New Member

    i have it and use it for my 360 games. but now most of my 360 games are on the XBONE
  5. KGershkoff

    KGershkoff Member

    I have my Viking 360, but I lost the software. Waiting for them to put it back on the site. :(

    Does anyone have a copy I can use?
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  6. garnet2k11

    garnet2k11 New Member

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