Auto Aim and Anti Recoil Help

Discussion in 'Black Ops II' started by singrazorback, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. singrazorback

    singrazorback New Member

    Ok just loaded it and checking it out thanks i am sure the 1000 views this thread has you have helped plenty of KD's go up! So on behalf of everyone using this thank you for the help and your time.
  2. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    To help also with your aiming eBay has stickers that you put on your tv to help out hip firing and general aiming! Great for quick scopes! I just use a peace of tape draw a dime size outer line with a red dot in the middle! ADS put your dot on the tv and your good to go!!!
  3. Ghostwolfe

    Ghostwolfe New Member

    Hey Bone I was running your Awesome Setup in Ghosts yesterday and I found that it does function well with the weapons, I removed the speed knife, the quick change and a few others things from it and that actually improved the way it worked. I used it mainly with the Honey Badger and the Pistol and was getting a good amount of kills right out of the box. Going to try a few other configurations later today with double xp.
  4. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    Download BigNaStyEveRyThiNg RF 3 from BO2 and tune a little! That's the RF to use in Ghosts!
  5. deepayan 088_Leo

    deepayan 088_Leo New Member

    where can i put this file bonefisher???
  6. deepayan 088_Leo

    deepayan 088_Leo New Member

    i need aim assist for tom clancys the division

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