Bone shotgun jitter

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  1. mr. fisher

    mr. fisher Member

    Hey guys wanted to share some info on Bone shotgun mod. Works for the argus like a dream thanks. Hey Bone do you know if the shock charge technique would work on burst funs or single shot like sheiva/drakon??
  2. mr. fisher

    mr. fisher Member

    I speed up the timeline on the shotgun jitter and seems to work on dredge. Will try the others
  3. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    You pretty much got jitter for every weapon. Just go through each gun and jitter to see which one works for what gun.
  4. mr. fisher

    mr. fisher Member

    True. Was trying to see if one exist that would not switch on the m8
  5. ajtech81

    ajtech81 New Member

    hi guys, can you guys make the jitter options for the switches pls?, i know you have to add rt to it, but i dont know at what time in the editor or how long to make it work, appreciate guys,thx

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Wherever the macro starts draw a line from beginning to end of the macro on the RT then make sure the RT is fully pressed on the RT. Now u can assign it to a tac switch.
  7. Austin94

    Austin94 New Member

    What's the name of the pack everyone's using?

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