Horde XP Boosting Question.

Discussion in 'Gears of War 3' started by Boricua, Mar 1, 2012.

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    Hi guys im just wondering. if the video below was still working and if anyone has made a macro for it?.
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    i loaded the GOW3-Beta-Set. that one has the left trigger for the AutoSpotter as well as all the starting
    weapons with active reload already set for them

    1.Offline 2 pads ( works best )with both pads on, under your name your see not signed in that will be player 2 when you start no need to log in or make a account if you do not want one (press back button select local party to stop xbox live kicking you if it goes down or if you lose connection) also works ONLINE in public or private but upsets people when your not playing in horde like you should )
    2.horde ( game type )
    3.normal ( we are not 100% if insane makes a big boost to xp or if casual takes longer but really its down to your skill of finishing off the wave the fasted way because your just waste your time if it takes you 1 hour to finish a insane wave 1 )its 125 a ribbon
    4.mutator FRIENDLY FIRE then any other mutators that adds xp but i am not sure if it really helps ( this can be done without mutator on Bullet Marsh map by standing player 1 in the Kryll zone and shooting the generator will kill your player but on any other map hardcore or insane is needed, buy the ink nade and ink yourself in the corner not by player 2 and nades dont work weapons go missing
    5.different starting weapons for players P1 lancer / P2 hammer or retro ( buy a pistol $200 or frag nade $500 you pick them up faster perfect for using 1 xbox thanks vsully for tip )
    6.map checkout any map will do but checkout seems best
    7.player 2 give player 1 his $1000
    8.player 1 goes to a corner
    9.player 2 kills player 1 ( if you dont have mutator read number 4 again )
    10.player 1 hits x to be in ghost cam ( best to use a turbo pad or thumbs hurt lol )
    11.player 2 hold down x to pick up weapon remove pad connection for auto pickup
    12.player one spots weapon 3 times but its fast with left thumbstick to get the ribbon
    13. when ready to collect points player 1 BUYS BACK IN and camp player 2 if your doing this alone
    14.YOU MUST FINISH THE WAVE 1 when 30 secs for wave 2 start you can exit to main menu and your see points bar move ( if you die restart from same wave and finish you should still get the points )
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    right now i'm only using the V for bosting, but i can see that it does have some potential. the one thing that i noticed is that with so many buttons on the front and back that you can push one of them by accident and when you try to use the feature you want it's on the wrong set etc and tough to try and figure out wtf your at and how to get it to the correct starting point.

    the only way that i've found to fix the prob is to quit the game and take the controller to the puter and load the macro set again.

    so is their any way to get the setting back to the starting point w/o going to the puter. if not, it would be nice to have a macro that could do that
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    wrong thread

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