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  1. modded matt

    modded matt Active Member

    I just wanted to help get some of the tech questions about this controller and ANY SLEEPER modded controller.

    first the sync button:
    the sync button is a tact switch that allows v+ to pass through when not pressed. the controller monitors this voltage. when pressed for more than a half a second, the controller realizes that the V+ is not passing through the button, and initiates the sync program.

    the mod chip looks at the same voltage on the sinc button. the difference is there is no debouce (delay) in the mod chip, as soon a v+is dropped it activates the function of the mod chip.

    A SLEEPER MOD BOUGHT FROM ANYWHERE, WILL HAVE SYNCING ISSUES. THIS IS THE DOWN FALL TO SLEEPER MODS!!! If you press the sync button for a micro second too long, and it de-syncs in the middle of game play... This is not viking, this is ANY sleeper mod.

    please test your controller now and see if you can make the button click without unsyncing the controller. If this is something you are willing to live with, but a sleeper, if not buy a raven. this applies to any controller bought from any other mod shop also, dont be fooled.
  2. apcoop7

    apcoop7 New Member

    Re: read before buying thors hammer

    Great post; that cleared things up for me. I have a Thor's Hammer or otherwise known as a sleeper mod. When I first used it, I had the "sync problem" but now I've had my controller for about 2 months and I rarely have any problems now.
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