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Discussion in 'Macro Controller Tech Support' started by pokjbv, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. pokjbv

    pokjbv New Member

    Is there any pics on how I should put the tact switches back in to their place or any pictures that would aid me in taking apart the controller and putting it back? I am taking it apart because some of the buttons are stuck.
  2. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Dont take it apart just send it in for a clean up!
  3. Superamino

    Superamino New Member

    Yeah, I thought about taking my V macro apart once because sometimes the Right Dpad & X botton fell soft like you have to press the botton hard. It sucks though to have to send it in for clean up but thats what I would do too.
  4. pokjbv

    pokjbv New Member

    How much dose it cost to send it in for a clean up?
  5. MJ23KB24

    MJ23KB24 ModdingBros Leader

    Im not sure probably not too much. Make a support ticket and they will tell you.
  6. odingalt

    odingalt Well-Known Member Staff Member

    They won't quote the work until they can look the controller over in the shop. They'll quote you for the work, if you don't want them to proceed, they can ship it back as-is (shipping on your dime though). Standard repair fee is $50 including return shipping for stuff that isn't hard to fix and they always clean it up inside which is good for the electronics and the stick mechanisms.
  7. pokjbv

    pokjbv New Member

    Thank for the replies. I will send it soon or later

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