Tutorial: How to make simple Rapid Fire rune

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    The space between .0s and the rune is the fully release trigger....
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    We are disusing this here: http://www.viking360.com/forums/threads/trigger-settings-for-timeline-editor.6108/


    Since we want rapid fire on the right trigger when we pull and hold the right trigger, we must tell the rune to release the right trigger. so while you are holding it for the first 0.0-0.1 the controller reads the trigger pressed by your finger, then at 0.1sec, the rune releases the trigger from 0.1 to 0.2, then loops back to nothing (the beginning 0.0 to 0.1) but since your holding the trigger, it is actually pulled, then back to released then loop back again and again....

    If we were doing this and assigning it to a tact switch, because we are not pressing the trigger, it would be the reverse, we would tell the controller to press the trigger by moving the slide bar to the right.
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    thanks for explanation makes sense to me now.

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