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    I posted this in another area of the forum. One of the members was having issues making a slightly complex rune pack, so I am posting his example here so others may learn. THis Rune is not that complex, you just need a good understanding of the Forge software.

    Copied from "Get Tebagged" post:

    I believe the limit is 30 groups. each different action should be in a different group. for what I did below, group one is rapid fire. Group one has three runes below it. (ONLY ONE RUNE CAN BE ACTIVE AT ONCE IN A GROUP) so it doesn't matter because the three different runes are different speeds, so we only need on active at a time. Group 2 is A button, and group 3 is b button.

    Unless you are getting very complex, leave the page section at the top blank. I use a different page for each game I play.
    One thing to remember is that you must turn the group on or activate the group. I generally use one sequence for all my "special mod" groups. (if you use the same activation sequence, it turns all the mods on at the same time) For you I did not do this, you will see in the explanation below.
    The playback area is what button you press to make your rune run. do not confuse "playback" with "activate"

    OK on to your pack:
    I gave you rapid fire with three settings. A button on #2 and B button on #4. If you want to edit this, follow the pictures below. Dont forget the activation sequence.

    Now the runes to make this pack:

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  2. modded matt

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    So looking at the pictures, the page area is blank, so this pack is only for the one game.

    Group #1 rapid fire
    Press tact #1 and #2 at the same time to activate rapid fire and illuminate the #1 LED Red
    Press tact #1 and D-pad up at the same time to scroll up in speed
    Press tact #1 and D-pad down at the same time to scroll down in speed
    while the red light is on, press the right trigger to "playback the rune" or fire rapidly

    Group #2 A button remap
    Press tact #1 and A at the same time to activate the remap and illuminate the #2 LED Blue
    while the blue LED is on, press the tact #3 to "playback the rune" in this case it will press A button one time.

    Group #3 B button remap
    Press tact #1 and B at the same time to activate the remap and illuminate the #3 LED Green
    While the green LED is on, press tact $4 to "playback the rune: in this case it will press B button one time.

    Hopefully you can use these examples to make and modify your own Runes and packs. Feel free to let us know if you are still having issues.
  3. coatedkhan

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    If you don't mind clarifying, how exactly do you calculate what the numbers (multipliers?) are to equal X amount Sps. In this case 7 / 8 / 10.5 sps.
  4. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    The last example: 8sps you take a 1000ms and divide by 8sps = 125ms which is .125s .... you can do the multiplier any way you want to build the rune in this case he made release and pulled trigger equal.
  5. coatedkhan

    coatedkhan New Member

    So how did he know to start it at .063?
  6. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    He just split the difference... 50% pulled trigger and 50% release trigger.
  7. coatedkhan

    coatedkhan New Member

    Ok, thanks for the help.

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