tyr's , thor's and the odin's

Discussion in 'XBOX360 Legacy Tech Support' started by ITech24, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. ITech24

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    • whats the difference beetween the tyr's , thor's and the odin's?
  2. odingalt

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    All models will work with the legacy customization software that let you setup two "slots" full of features:

    Tyr's Hand - no tac switch, dual trigger rapidfire and akimbo and burst firing only. Doesn't do other features like jitter, etc.

    Thor's Hammer - no tac switch, but has more features like jitter, fast reload, perfect active reloads.

    Odin's Raven - two tac switches, same exact features as the Thor's Hammer, except easier to customize because of the two extra tac switches.

    Tyr's Hand and Thor's Hammer require you to use the sync button to scroll through modes. If you hold the sync button too long instead of tapping it, it will cause your controller to re-sync with your console (causing you to lose connection until the re-sync is done). Tac switches of the Odin's Raven ensure that this doesn't happen.

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