Viking360 Preset Editor - version 0.80, 0.81, 0.82

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    Below is a summary of where we are at with version 0.80, 0.81, 0.82.
    (v0.81 fixed a bug with the LED's that caused the controller to indicate your mode was turned on, when it wasn't)
    (v0.82 fixed a bug where Thor's Hammer wasn't working at all due to a stupid mistake by me!)

    What's new in this version:
    -Fixed the bug from prior version where you could not pick a custom rapidfire speed higher than 20.60 SPS.
    -Fixed the bug where the controller didn't power off when you powered off your console.
    -Added the ability to select which Slot the Player 3 LED and Player 4 LED's control
    -No longer need multiple primer files! The editor now saves a .hex file that's ready for the hidbootloader.exe to load.
    -'Link both slots' - The buttons you select for Slot 1 will actually change and toggle the modes for both slots simultaneously
    -Dropshot for Odin's Raven added (please see release notes below for more information)

    Special note on how dropshot mode works now:
    -When in dropshot mode on the Odin's Raven, the right tac switch controls dropshot (B button). When you are in dropshot mode and dropshot mode is turned on, you'll notice that you cannot use the right tac switch to change or toggle modes. Instead, you must first hold button A then tap or hold the right tac switch to change or toggle modes. Once dropshot is turned off, or you are in another mode, you can go back to using the right tac switch as normal - don't have to hold button A first.
    -When in dropshot mode on the Thor's Hammer, the B button controls dropshot.
    -Unfortunately people using the control layout where the right thumbstick is the prone/raise button, we will never be able to configure dropshot for your configuration. The Viking controllers can sense when you press right thumbstick, but it can't press the right thumbstick for you.

    Bugs that still exist:
    -Possible bug with the COD:MW1 fast reload presets (please report again if you still have this problem)
    -Jitter y,y speeds are backwards - fast is slow, slow is fast

    Feature requests that I'm aware of and working towards (in no particular order:)
    -Two-round burst firing
    -Add 'autofiring' dropshot - when B button is hit, gunner will drop and fire for a set amount of time (you choose)
    -Add ability for Odin's Raven to use tac switches for dropshot instead of the 'B' button.
    -A mode that allows for rapidfire/turbo on the left trigger, for use in quick scope matches
    -Add ability to use Odin's Raven right tac switch for rapidfire (right trigger fires normally)
    -Try to create an Akimbo Jitter Mode (for guns like dual Raffikas)
    -'No Scope' glitch: crouch and fire one shot automatically when right trigger is pulled.
    -Add a 'quick switch' option; when user changes between two modes, the controller also changes from primary to secondary weapon (or vice versa)
    -Still need to add Gears of War functions to the custom editor including chainsaw battles mode

    1.)Download the attached .RAR file, extract all files to the same folder on your computer.
    2.)Launch the Viking360 HEX Editor, and choose your settings.
    3.)Save your custom .HEX file when it's ready, name it anything you want (for example, JohnDoe.hex)
    4.)Launch the hidbootloader.exe flashing software on your PC
    5.)Connect your controller to the computer as normal
    6.)Click Open Hex File. Choose the 'JohnDoe.hex' file
    7.)Click Program/Verify
    8.)Click Reset Device.

    Visit the official discussion thread for version 0.82:

    ATTACHMENT DELETED (newer version exists)

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