Any viking players on BO2 want to get a group together?

Discussion in 'Black Ops II' started by Gleipnir, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Salamito140

    Salamito140 Member

    gamertag is banned salamito

    hit me up if ya wanna play
  2. ostatewonder87

    ostatewonder87 New Member

    A xbox wii wii is my gt, Im down for whoever, just let me know your from the forum as I get randoms all the time because I mod some games.
  3. _Modi_

    _Modi_ New Member

    Message me Xbox ... panic zkillz
  4. joec0x

    joec0x Member

    i plat BO2 all the time with my jitter haha ive been raged at so much. send me an invite and just tell me youre from viking and ill play. my gt is JOE C0X
  5. Superamino

    Superamino New Member

    Send me a invite. Gamertag same as Viking username. I have over 30,000 kills on TDM alone.
  6. My new GT is Wreckurs. My old GT got banned about 2months ago. I only play SnD and don't mind playing on other hosts, yellow or red bar connection doesn't bother me, I still own people on any connection lol
  7. SuperX70Pro

    SuperX70Pro New Member

    I need a party that likes to use the KSG or Remington. Add my gamertag:
    Chase xD
  8. nlnSilencenln

    nlnSilencenln New Member

  9. cheyennefou

    cheyennefou New Member

    Which kind use to do with your macro . zombie/or multi.and glitched or Legit me zombie+gliths only interested .gt: MrBacoonShamoon (my agent)lol

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