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Discussion in 'Ghosts' started by WHITE 4ND N3RDY, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. BallistaEd

    BallistaEd New Member

    im having an issue trying to download a macro. every time I click on the file to download a macro, for some reason it is reading it as an "attachment.php" file rather then what the files name is and directs me to windows cant identify what program and gives me 2 options which are kinda useless in short it does not pop as a vkm file. does anyone know what might be the problem. Im also sure that this might not be the correct thread to ask and im sorry but I need help. thanks

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    I.D.K but sometimes macros can become corrupt. Its happened a lot actually to me. let us know what macro u are trying to get and ill try to re post them and see if that fixes the issue!
  3. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    Delete the program and reinstall to see it clear the issue!
  4. BallistaEd

    BallistaEd New Member

    if your referring to the "Viking Software" program, I did that twice already. Controlled paneled it deleted it and installed twice and nothing worked. The macro I tried to download is the one from bonefisher's "one mk-14." but I checked out every macro that's posted here and its the same issue.
  5. Absolute_13

    Absolute_13 New Member

    are you sure the macros are downloading correctly?

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Im not to good a technical advice but if u send me a list of all the mods u want I can put then into a media folder and from there u can have acess to all the macros u are inquiring about. Im sure there wont be a problem with the macros with this method. So if u want this service if u cant get your end figured out then PM me and in my free time ill make u a media folder ok!!!
  7. Executable

    Executable New Member

    Try opening the properties and unchecking Read-Only. That was my problem.
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  8. Enviious0116

    Enviious0116 Member

    When you download a macro always save as. If you don't it will give you errors.
  9. joec0x

    joec0x Member

    at first it didnt seem to work nearly as fast or as well as the BO2 jitter, but my connection was bad that day and now its working great. Is there an even fast sprint one coming soon? or even an FP6 jitter soon?
  10. morinzo

    morinzo Member

    can anything be done with the cbj to get it to fire faster??
  11. Aric77

    Aric77 New Member

    I am now having the same problem. It's not just with select macros, its all macros even ones that I had previously downloaded.
  12. Aric77

    Aric77 New Member

    just downloads everything as a .php file
  13. joec0x

    joec0x Member

    whats an LS canceler?

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    It disables the left stick. Some people when they dropshot tend to hold forward on the LS causing firing to glitch out. This takes this glitch out of the equation when the macro is in play.
  15. joec0x

    joec0x Member

    awesome, thanks for letting me know so fast! gotta get the advantage since clan wars started again lol any idea if there could be aim assist in ghosts like BO2?
  16. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    Aim assist is there but not as strong as B02! It still works!
  17. joec0x

    joec0x Member

    Is there a way to have drop shot on RT and still be able to aim with LT and shoot without turning off RT? kinda like LT cancels the dropshot and shoots regularly?
  18. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    You can put a rapid fire on the LT and a dropshot with ADS on the RT works great! Canceling the drop on the LT messes to much with the movement which I do not advise!
  19. computergeek13

    computergeek13 New Member

    Macro creation, cod ghosts sweetspots


    Hey fellas!
    I'm working on a little project lately, running into some problems, maybe some of the wiser contributors could help me finish.

    Basically I'm attempting to find the sweet spot for the most popular guns. I have several macros and have probably tried over 50, all work well- but they're not perfect.

    I switched to my g9x Logitech mouse I had on my PC with setpoint software to create the test macros- they allow me to enter precise DELAYs in milliseconds (ms) so I can be exact as possible while dialing these in.

    I'm using the data from two sites. - every stat you possibly need for every gun in ghosts. lists max shots per second of each gun

    AK12 : 789 RPM (rounds per minute) / 60 = 13.15 shots per second
    1000ms (or 1 second) / 13.15 = 1 shot every 76.05 ms
    Should give me around 13 shots per second.

    Sample macro:
    10 ms delay
    76 ms delay
    Repeat while pressed

    This works, but it's much slower than firing full auto. Theoretically having the macro fire as close to the full RPM should be almost indistinguishable from firing full auto, just a touch slower. Also having the macro fire single shots, rather than full auto- increases bullet accuracy and lessens recoil. I believe this really increases your long range firefights. That's my goal.

    QUESTION : If I'm going for a full 76 ms delay between shots, should I add both delays together? Or is my above macro actually 86 ms delay? In which case this would be closer?

    Sample macro AK12:
    10 ms delay
    66ms delay
    Repeat while pressed

    QUESTION: using the 2nd website: megamodz planet, about halfway down the page, It lists the maximum shots per second of the ak12 at 19.8 max sps. Anyone know why there is a difference between the two sites? Is one the listed guns specs (Symthic) and the 2nd (megamodz) the games actual CAP. Meaning guns can be fired faster than listed using rapidfire?? (That's actually a pretty interesting discovery I just had typing this)

    If I use say 19 shots per second as a target in my next macro.
    1000 ms / 19 = 52.63 ms
    So 1 shot every 52.63 ms = 19 shots per second.

    Sample ak12 macro at 19 sps:

    10 ms delay
    52 ms delay
    Repeat while pressed

    Using this macro, the ak12 fires slightly faster than the original macro at 13 sps. But it is still not even close to the full auto firing with no macro.

    So what else could be contributing to the slowness of these macros. Theoretically I should be able to use either of these macros and the gun should be indistinguishable from full auto. Yet they are noticeable slower.

    Are my calculations wrong? Is there lag between my mouse and the game? Should I increase the leftbuttondown delay to maybe 20ms? Should I add both delays together to equal my target MS delay? 20 ms and 32 ms = target 52 delay? Or would I just use the delay after the leftbuttonUP for my target sps.

    I also tried this:
    Sample ak12 macro

    10 ms delay
    10 ms delay
    Repeat while pressed

    Now, this is clearly not anywhere near any of the target sps. Theoretically it is 100 shots per second. It fires pretty **** fast, as close to full auto as I can tell, but it jams up, stops firing sometimes, so clearly it is hitting the cap.

    Is anyone able to make sense of all this? I know it's a lengthy post, but I'm pretty detailed when it comes to these things! I really appreciate all the help.
  20. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    First thing right off the bat! You can't go with what they have firing full auto when using single shot attachment! When using the attachment the cap will be slower! Second the reason your finding faster sps speeds are not that they have a faster cap its just they are overlapping the speed for the in between time! I have some over 24 sps! My 24 sps forget which gun it is actually but I found the sweet spot at 8 sps which testing it til it was not skipping at all 8sps was the spot! Didn't seem fast so I tighten the in between time by overlapping! Tried different times like 16sps , 24sps and 32sps ! 16sps was alright but to slow in between and the 32 sps started to skip and jam up! 24 sps was perfect though because the overlapping was just right! If you you go a little faster or slower off that mark of the sweet spot cap it would get ugly and throw you off! I believe to have some in the 56 sps range but does not mean there original cap is that! It is just overlapping to close the in between time! If that makes sense!

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