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    -Thread Stuck-

    Here are all the macros that ModdingBros (AKA Brian at this point in time) have made all in one file. I have been slacking for a few reasons one being school and basketball, while the others are no online access at this moment in time. I would just like to thank Brian for everyone of these macros with the exception of the RF which he did revise.

    Will be updated ASAP whenever we make more.

    Edit by NYjetsNY1: some macros are in beta and will be uploaded / finalized when done.

    Check the post below:
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    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    I apologize to everyone i emailed one of my older files to mj by accident. I will re email my updated versions for him to post but if u want them right now u can steal them

    off my vks i posted in BO2 forum. it has all my updated macros besides my two quick hands turbo knife macros. The macros listed her are old betas. the new finalized

    macros may be up tomorrow for everyone. MJ23KB24 has been very busy so when he gets time he will post the finalized macros here.
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  3. NYjetsNY1

    NYjetsNY1 Active Member

    The thing about turbo knife is that it can be created for either default or tactical users. Please state whether your turbo knives are for default users or tactical users.

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    These are my accidental beta macros i sent mj the wrong files and hes been real burned out with all the school and basketball. I sent him my final macros so

    when he finds time he will post them and i also fixed the description boxes that explain what setups they are for. there all default setups and can be used by

    ether a tac or RS. I also filled all the macro dead space with harmless leds like u stated. so they should all be up to snuff. I have a vks file i posted that has

    basically all my finalized macros except for a few If anyone wants to check it out. If anything u can rob my macros off of it and use them for your own. Also

    made a awesome tac switch that performs a dropshot aim and rapidfire all in one for the FAL.
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  5. mrlahey

    mrlahey New Member

    i couldn't get the quick knife to work, it just throws the grenade. Does it not work with tactical?

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Go to NY jets miscellaneous sticky thread and download my turbo knifes there. these files here are my betas i emailed mj23kb24 the wrong file. Also u cant use regular

    grenades. It has to be semtex, combat axe or claymore. Betties sometime work but sometimes u just throw them same as C4. trophy systems and frag grenades wont

    work. U can get all my finalized macros in NY jets sticky threads.
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  7. Tate24

    Tate24 Member

    Is it possible to make the M8A1 shoot faster? I've been using the RF for the FAL but was wondering if someone can get it to shoot faster. I know on some of the weapons the RP had to be slowed.

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Try using the RFs u have tested and know are good working in the game then mess around with the speed multipliers by dialing up the speed say .50 and if it

    wont let u fire then dial it down from there every .10 at a time till it shoots fast then keep dialing it up by.02 at a time till u max out then just dial it down

    one or two notches from there! Its a lot of trial and error. just program 1 RF on the controller so the macro will upload the fastest possible and keep testing

    like i suggested till you find that sweet spot then when you find it share it with the community! I would like to see people start to take steps into learning

    some basic of macro software techniques so the community can become more independent on finding little things like this out for themselves instead of

    having to wait on other peoples time. I will always help people out with friendly advice and tricks ive learned on how to work on macros so if you run into

    problems i will try my best to help u figure it out!
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    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    ModdingBros Finalized Macros for BO2!

    Media Folder is down! Sorry everyone. U more than likely wont see me posting anymore macros for this particular game anyways. It's just not in my interest anymore.

    Bonefisher has everyone covered. If u are inquiring about any macro he would be my first pick of people to ask!

    I wont be posting macros till the next gen macro controllers are made! Ill still be around but on my own terms lol working for myself and occasionally sharing stuff if its post worthy.

    Happy modding everyone and my apologizes for pulling down the media folder. It was pretty much obsolete anyway.
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  10. Tate24

    Tate24 Member

    I tried downloading the file but it ask me to either choose or use the web to open the file, any susggestions?

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Ya i wish i could give u some helpful advise to help u out tate24 but im not going to lie i know almost nothing when it comes to computers and just to figure out how to

    post this file was a big task all in its own. I would like to hear from others if they are able to retrieve my files from my media-fire account? When i click on it it will show a

    box and ask if i want to click it to download it then the file drops to the bottom left corner and when i click on that i see all my macros. Tate try downloading the file on

    the top of this thread and please tell me if you were able to download that file. Its a early beta file but if u can download that then i did something wrong but if u cant

    download that file it just might be something you have to figure out on your end.
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  12. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    U need to download Winrar.

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Thanks i appreciate it I dont know how to do this stuff and normally MJ23KB24 does it for me but he has been absent in the forums lately with school and basketball so ill try to figure it out so people can get my files. Thanks Boricua and Tate24. Hopefully i can figure it out.
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    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Please feel free to post any commits, questions, ideas of macros or even VKS files u want made to fit your play style to me in our ModdingBros thread! Again please keep

    any commits or questions about ModdingBros BO2 macros in our thread! I look forward to any new ideas, commits or questions u have that u want answers to, thanks

    everyone. Sincerely WHITE 4ND N3RDY a.k.a Brian!
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  15. Tate24

    Tate24 Member

    ok, I appreciate the advice and will try it out. Brian, I've tried to do macros myself but I have trouble figuring it out. I wll try again, thanks!

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Deleted thread
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  17. MakeGyver

    MakeGyver New Member

    To clear up any confusion -

    For now it looks like the most up-to-date macros are in post #9, the first post hasn't been updated yet?

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Yes the first file was a mix up i accidently emailed the wrong file to mj23kb24. The up to date file is the one i posted. I couldn't get a hold of MJ so i took the liberty of

    uploading my macros my self so the up to date finalized macros is the file that's under my post. I made 44 macros total for this game and they are all 100% final and

    perfect working order. That's why i posted all over to everyone to look for the thread titled ModdingBros finalized macros for BO2 so they wouldn't download the first file

    they seen.
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  19. MakeGyver

    MakeGyver New Member

    This is very good stuff!

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Thanks i worked very hard on all of them. Turbo knifes were the biggest pains cause there are so many varibles and different methods and i had to cover every play aspect

    possible and it requires 20 different turbo knifes. There are RB methods LB methods Fast hands methods, no fast hand methods, different ones are required for sniper and

    machine guns and u have to make two different sets for people who play default or tactical so yea theres alought. I like my jitters the most and my new tac jitters are

    sick. All my jitters even the RT jitters can be used as mule kick jitter meaning u can do akembo jitter if u hold the LT with the jitter tac or jitter RT. I made a double tap

    where u tap the jitter tac and it will fire 2 jitter shoots to save on ammo or u can just hold it down for full jitter. I made a slow medium and fast version and also have

    those for RT versions as well. And I have all in one tac RF + aim + drop shot for default and tactical user auto sprints and full auto drop shots. Basically so many macros

    too much to explain. Lets just say i got all bases covered. Professional status!
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