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    The a,b,x,y in apexs folder are just leds.
  2. Durro

    Durro New Member

    Can you maybe give me an easy way of setting this all up, to save me some time of trying different setups. (I use tactical)

    -I want to use FAL, have rapid fire all the time when using RT. I also want to be able to press the LT, and get dropshot and aim, but be able to turn that off with a tac button.

    -I would like to do the same with the Jitters. have it on all the time on RT, yet make LT drop shot, but tac that on and off.

    Seems like all the dropshots are for tac buttons, and it is too hard for me to use those when in a fight. I use them more for on/off features, and trying to start using for sprint. Thanks guys

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Here u go Durro. Just so u know I do make it easy for everyone to find all these macros. I just pulled these out of my folder. Its not my responsibility

    to build everyone there own custom vks setups. This is the main reason why I told everyone not to PM me anymore. Since you did at least post what u wanted

    in my forums I will help you. I want everyone to know that I made all of my macros to work with just about any play style imaginable and its really up to you to

    put them together. I cant make it any easier than it already is unless I use my personal time to make your vks files. As for jitter on LT sorry but that is

    impossible. The reason for this is the LT hardwired function cannot be blocked out and u will end up with akimbo jitter. If u really really have to have it durro

    u can just erase the tac drop jitter in your vks and use my drop jitterXYY tactical in my macro folder then assign it to the LT. U will have the most

    inaccurate jitter out there because it will drop, jitter and jitter the aim in and out making for a very inaccurate jitter. Ill leave that up to u do decide on. I do

    make dropshots for the RT, LT and not just tac buttons. All my RFs and jitters have dropshot modes for both default and tactical users and can be used on

    the RT & LT (just RFs) and tac buttons. Ya u could technically assign my dropshot jitterXYY tactical that I made for the RT on the LT but just dont complain

    to me that it doesn't work right because i did at least warn u what it will do if assigned to the LT.

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  4. Apex NuGz

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    THAT one is reliable but not with every jitter'd possible weapon so what i did was lower the speed and i think it works more efficiently.! also if you guys got ideas what what you want to make but do not know how , i'll give it a try, (thats if your not familiar with software)

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    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Thanks for sharing this info with me Apex. I only tested it on one shotgun but it really ripped **** up so I was happy enough that i posted that statement to get people to check it out. Again good find! ya i changed all my speeds as well. I went 3.85, 3.00, 2.50 and 2.20.
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  6. Boricua

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    I used the Ill Jitter and its so dam beast its insane. and everyone notice it ( what i like the most). Pure Rape.
  7. Apex NuGz

    Apex NuGz New Member

    Glad you all like it! the one thing i hate about jitter on b02 is no matter what jitter (at least for me) i use, when i am up close to a enemy or three, and jitter, it'll not work like it should.. thats the best way i can explain it.. it skips? i guess? and gets me killed. but let me know if this has happened to you guys, because if its just a matter of the speed being too fast? then i'll turn it down :(

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    No I totally know what u mean apex. The jitter is weird. It likes to skip especially if u start to strafe when using it. It seems for best result when u start to fire u have to stop could "as far as moving forward back or left to right". U can still use the RS to move your shots around but if u strafe the first shot likes to delay before it really kicks in. At least that's my own visual interpretation on the jitter deal.
  9. Apex NuGz

    Apex NuGz New Member

    I dont no any more... Black ops 2 jitter up close to people just YYs and doesn't register shots. medium to long distance it'll beast it up, but up close the jitter F's up. so my theory is to turn it back down for every shot (no matter what) to register? im just overwhelmed with the decision.. have really fast jitter. or slow so every shot gets in...

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    I think i have a theory to why its like this. Its basically lagg. When the system is trying to register everyone's connection especially if your bundled up next to a group of people the cpu gets overloaded and slows down. Its just like in old systems when if there is too much frame rates the system slows down hints lags out. I think it has something to do with the game trying to process to much info at once when you get too close to a group of people and it lags out.
  11. Boricua

    Boricua Member

    Dam no wonder when i get to close to ppl sometimes and i use the jitter it will switch to my secondary weapon n that gets me killed lol.. especially if u have 3 bars. sometimes i feel like it slows down and that makes it switch to the secondary. only thing i have notice.
  12. frankie79

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    Are there specific items you need for certain macros to work properly? I remember in past fast reloads or turbo knifes that you needed to keep a semtex or concussion. I haven't tried them out yet, I was just wondering. I just downloaded all the macros and getting ready to try'em out. Good work though man, I got macros for days to play with now. Thanks again!

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Fast reloads don't need anything special to work. Turbo knives are more complicate.

    There are turbo knives for default users, tactical users, for people who use fast hands perk, and are broken down to what styles of weapons u play. U will see a bunch of acronyms (abbreviated words) to save space. Here they are: (LB) left bumper, (RB) right bumper and (FH) fast hands. These explain what function the macro uses to work. U will also see default or tactical at the end of every knife i made. This is for your play style.

    The (LB) knives work with all left bumper perks except trophy systems and the orb ball sensor things (forgot the name of them). The (RB) ones work with everything except frag grenades and bouncing betties. If it says (FH) in it then u are supposed to have fast hands perk equipped. The BO2 turbo knives work on all assault & sub-machine guns. The sniper-machine knives(FH) are to be used with sniper riffles and light machine guns with fast hands perk. Sniper knifes are for sniper riffles NO fast hand perk and the machine knifes are to be used with Light machine-guns NO fast hand perk. Every knife ends with default or tactical for whatever your button play style is.

    When u set these up to be used I would preferably use them on a tac button. On a tac button u can hold the tac down for repetitive knifing. If u assign it to your default knife setup u will have to wait for the knife sequence to play through before u can knife again. If your a panic knife-er I would use the tac buttons. I know there is a lot to take in so if u have trouble just tell me what classes u role if your default or tactical and if u use fast hand or not and ill post the turbo knife u need to use and put it in a vks setup so u can see ideas of how to set it up.
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  14. watwat

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    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Ill make u an akimbo ok
  16. maximus

    maximus Member

    Your FAL macros work great...

    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    its really not mine i used someone elses blue print just changed the speed multiplier. Been busy at work. its Superamino RF i just bairly changed the speed multiplier.
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    WHITE 4ND N3RDY ModdingBros Representative

    Check out my new macro folder setup. Now its easy to find the mods u want. No more going through 100+ macros to find what u need, just go to the macro group/class folders i made and u can get the macro u want by choosing the group u want!
  19. RamboMods

    RamboMods New Member

    Could you help me make a chicom cqb macro so it shoot full auto? I also want to make a msmc anti recoil.
  20. blokq

    blokq New Member

    I've used a normal rapidfire or the smr rapidfire humanized for the chicom and it worked pretty well. maybe there is still something better, with an exactly timed one :)

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