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    The fast weapon swap u need to use a semtex! also u want to make sure u can turn it on or off in case u throw your semtex. If u throw your semtex and u dont have a on/off toggle for it u wont be able to switch weapons.
  2. jameswoo

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    Anyone got turbo riot shield (assault shield) macro working in Black Ops II? The macro from MW3 is not working, it shield melees once and then throws the semtex...
  3. NYjetsNY1

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    I could probably make something in a week or so but maybe Brian has time to do it earlier

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    I was kinda seeing how my knifes work with these riots and it almost seems that u wont be able to shave melee speeds off of the riot shields. Maybe it can be done but i don't really see it shaving much time off. Maybe if anything someone can make a repetitive melee so u don't have to keep taping RS or B. Right now I'm kinda burned out on making macros and people have been hitting me up a lot with request on macros so I've been real busy but as of now i just want to enjoy the game and take a little break away from burying myself in the macro editor lol. If no one has touch this area in a week o so ill probley make something for ya. I got some macros im putting on the side for next week or so im going to do a couple fast reloads for light machine guns cause there is a lot of time that can be shaved off the reloads and someone wants me to help them with a rapid fire for akembo semi auto pistols that operates on the LT. So ya right now im just going to take a break from things for a week or so.
  5. jameswoo

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    Thanks brian, your new Fal RF rapid fire works great too! I want to post some videos of it in action but the game always has error uploading or rendering them :(

    Yes enjoy the game first! :)
  6. jameswoo

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    Hi brian and NYjets, if I use the old turbo riot shield macro from MW3 on a tac button in BO2 and it melees just once and then throws the semtex, should I speed up or slow down the macro? Thanks :)
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  8. bonefisher

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    Try this sprint for LS and tell me what you think? It loops till you hit the LS off and then touch one time for on!

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    Check out these 2 macros!

    Here are 2 fun little macros I made for full auto weapons. Its tac opperated and what it does is when u press and hold the tac button u jump and hip fire in the air. When u land u will go automatically prone then you will be aimed in and firing. Its real good cause when your in the air your able to spin fast when your in hip fire mode then when u land u will be in aim fire position. Try it out its a lot of fun.

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  10. BigHG

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    Works great. Thanks!
  11. blokq

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    Is anyone able to make a semtex glitch macro for a tac? So it loops RB & Y really fast until it's released? Would love to have this :D
  12. Boricua

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    I c where u going with this.. u wanna troll ppl with it lol. ive seen a couple videos on youtube. Its pretty funny.
  13. blokq

    blokq New Member

    Yep ;-) I am already doing it by my self :p It would be even better if you can add a static duck (ducking, going up, ducking, going up) to it :) Thanks a lot if anyone could do this. I always fail and throw the semtex :(

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    Sounds like a fun macro to make. if u want to be able to throw the semtex and the end of your macro loop everytime just make it loop till button is released then play out one more time. As long as your macro end with a RB function it will throw the grenade everytime!. U can find this loop action and other loop actions right above the discription box! You should post it up for people to check out. Ive been in soo many search and destroy matches where i **** off my own teamate and he will try trapping me in a corner why he does this semtex glitch.
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  15. Boricua

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    If u make a macro for it u can edit to make it really fast and really annoying lol.. U should use the recording feature and record yourself doing it then edit it in the macro Software.
  16. blokq

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    Hehe no, I don't want to throw it at all :p
    But I'll look into recording it, I screwed up a lot, but maybe if I edit it correctly afterwards it'll work :)

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    Them its easy just end the macro with the Y press and assign the loop until button is released then play macro one more time and u wont ever throw the grenade. That works out better so now u can start your macro with the RB then Y at the end of the run. It should be a real easy macro to make.
  18. blokq

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    Okay thanks a lot :) I'll try that out tonight :)
  19. SlamminSam

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    Hey guys, new here :) I was looking into writing a snake macro for PC (BO1), but I see everyone here is xBox macroing(?).

    Just want to ask some questions:

    1. Is there any way I can open/edit vkm files? I use AutoHotKey to write my macros, so I would be able to get the timing from the vkm file.

    2. Can anyone tell me the exact (in ms) timing for the snake macro? Mine is below, that's as close as I got.

    Send {LCtrl Down}
    Sleep, 245

    Send {Space Down}
    Sleep, 50
    Send {Space Up}
    Sleep, 34

    Send {Space Down}
    Sleep, 50
    Send {Space Up}
    Sleep, 50

    Send {LCtrl Up}
    Sleep, 30

    ;-- Exit the loop --
    GetKeyState, state, q
    if state = D

    Also, I know on PC BO1 we have E and Q to lean left. I made a funny macro that toggles both slowly so you walk/strut. It looks hilarious. If anyone's interested, it's really easy to do, but I can upload it anyway! I also made a trickshot macro, where you press a key and you do a 360 and stop (very fast).

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    Good questions. I.D.K of any way of gutting vkm files to find the (MS) timming your searching for. Maybe someone who knows about computers or a admin might be able to help u figure out how to break open a vkm file. Keep checking up on this thread and hopefully someone might be able to direct u in the right place. Good luck.

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