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  1. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    Does the speed up when your running with the auto sprint and throw it up fast firing which it goes faster for a few shots then slows down to regular. Have tried a fee things but no deal.
  2. bonefisher

    bonefisher Well-Known Member

    NO said different so they should be working.
  3. joec0x

    joec0x Member

    I think they finally patched us :(
  4. vamtnz

    vamtnz Member

    The update today really messed up the jitter settings on the ragnarok. Now I am going to have to use the rapid fire for
    the XR2 and the M8A1. Not as fast but better than nothing. Next step is the berserker cause I think the XBOX One ragnarok
    has bit the bullet at least for Black Ops III
  5. Bernard

    Bernard Member

    The Argus jitter still appears to work.
  6. Beastly DD

    Beastly DD New Member

    Yeah the X/Y Y Jitter #2 is not working for the Brecci
  7. joec0x

    joec0x Member

    So jitter is NOT dead on BO3. There are some going around that are using lethal and tactical equipments to work and they don't seize up over weapons and stuff because of that. I know white and nerdy and bonefisher are probably working on getting them into the forge, but anyone else see these yet?
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  8. Absolute_13

    Absolute_13 New Member

    which jitter works with the argus?
    i recently was using the tactical with shock grenade one, it worked flawlessly with the existing perks i had on the class. got it almost all the way to the special challenges for camos before it started to jam and throw the shock grenade.
  9. joec0x

    joec0x Member

    All pump action reload jitters are dead right now as far as i know, ive been using a jitter for the Brecci and it works flawlessly. The only stipulation is that it requires a lethal equipped and thats all!
  10. Absolute_13

    Absolute_13 New Member

    would you set up the timeline similar to the pump action with tactical? but have the other bumper being pressed instead?
  11. gunxlinger

    gunxlinger Member

    My son and I have Berserkers and he was playing a game yesterday against someone that was using a Brecci jitter mod. My son asked what controller he was using and they said it was a Viking Berserker.

    I thought great, I will visit the Viking forum and Forge and looke for a new Brecci jitter. Well........I didn't find any posts from anyone that had one until I came across your post. I know the Argus jitter still works but where did you get the new Brecci jitter that works with letha or tactical?

  12. Yoel

    Yoel New Member

    Do the jitter work on bo3 ?
  13. Yoel

    Yoel New Member

  14. Austin94

    Austin94 New Member

    Which pack is it?
  15. Anybody got a fast akimbo semi auto rapid fire for the mr6?

    I tried the one bone made but for me I find it to be too unconsistant.
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